The Roamin' Nose Restaurant

The Roamin' Nose Restaurant


Posted 2012-10-09 by Lindsay Lawfollow
The Roamin' Nose had only opened 2 days before I visited for a Saturday lunch with 3 hungry children and 2 very hungry Mums.

I was expecting some opening jitters, but instead I got an assured and friendly welcome into the newest bistro in Edinburgh. I was actually quite surprised, in an extremely good way, by the imagination and the quality that went into the menu.

Between us we tried two different kinds of sandwiches, a pasta, and french toast (which was on the brunch menu, and it was already lunchtime, but they kindly made for us anyway).

At least, I think it was french toast. The three girls ate it so quickly and with such gusto that I couldn't be sure of what I'd seen. The natural yoghurt and maple syrup dip certainly helped. I had a bite and it was a souffle of fluffy, eggy yumminess.

My sandwich was excellent. Scrambled egg, pesto, spring onions and sundried tomato on a rustic wholemeal roll was a taste sensation that I'd never had before, but I will definitely go back to try it again. My friend's breaded chicken on a roll (we swapped slices) was equally good. The chicken was bashed thinly, the breadcrumbs were crunchy and the whole thing was set off by mayonnaise and fresh tomato. Both were accompanied by unusual chips, which were more like thick crisps, and by a green salad with a delicious dressing.

My only reservation was that perhaps the chips were a touch too salty for the children, but we hadn't specified that we would be sharing them with the little ones, so I can't fault them for that at all. Next time, I will remember to ask for a portion that hasn't been seasoned by the kitchen. Not my portion though, for me they were perfect!

The other dish we tried was fettucine, tomato and basil, which 2 of the girls had and both really enjoyed. I had a bit, just to try it, and I can report that it was just perfect. The pasta was absolutely the right texture of al dente, the tomato sauce was flavoursome, and it was sprinkled with just the right amount of fresh parmesan to give it a savoury bite.

Afterwards, despite the tempting chocolate cake on the counter, we were just too satisfied with the preceding course to fit in dessert, so we ordered coffee and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is usually very thick, so they thoughtfully made it a little bit milkier so the children wouldn't be overwhelmed by the hit of cocoa.

The Roamin' Nose deserves all the praise that I am throwing at it in this review. It's a superb new bistro with lots of interesting flavours on its menu, and a very friendly team. It also has clean and fresh decor, and makes the perfect place to enjoy an early morning coffee or brunch. I will be going back, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop over the coming months. Perhaps I'll see you there!

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