Riverford Autumn Preserving Workshops

Riverford Autumn Preserving Workshops


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Fri 03 Oct 2014 - Sun 05 Oct 2014

With an increasing demand for quality produce, more and more farming businesses are cutting out the middle man - also know as the supermarket - and selling direct to the public. For the farmers, it ensures a fairer price for the hard work they put in, while for the customer, it means they know exactly where their food is coming from.

Some farmers specialise in meats, others on our five-a-day. Riverford Organic Farms, however, do the whole kit and caboodle - meat, fruit & veg, and dairy. Their produce is delivered straight to your door in customised boxes, but once you have all this wonderful food, what do you do with it?

You don't want to lose all the nutrients from these fresh organic fruits and vegetables by boiling them alive or leaving them untouched too long. They deserve more love than that. If you want to know how to make the most of your ingredients, Riverford offer cooking classes in Bath and London. These are run by collaborating businesses in partnership with Riverford. For example, Demuths is a Vegetarian Cookery school in Bath. Run by the award-winning chef, Rachel Demuth, she uses Riverford's vegetable boxes to show you how to make delicious vegetarian and vegan meals for all sorts of cuisines, such as Italian, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, and so on.

Here in London, cooking teacher and food writer, Anna Colquhoun, offers a range of classes from her home kitchen in Highbury. She also uses Riverford's fruit & veg boxes to run seasonal preserving workshops . In her classes you will learn the basics and end up with five jars of preserves to take home.

Ann's next preserving workshops focusses on autumn produce, and will be held on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th October from 10am - 3pm. One class costs £80 or you can book two for £144. During the workshop you will learn to make bottled roasted tomato, hedgerow jelly, chilli jam, piccalilli, and pear, squash & date chutney. It will include lunch and a glass of wine.

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