Revolucion de Cuba Bar and Cantina

Revolucion de Cuba Bar and Cantina


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This Cuban bar and cantina is a fantastic find in most UK Northern cities including Liverpool and Manchester, as well as smaller areas. This popular Cuban bar and restaurant chain offers a superb Cuban themed selection of foods and drink.

Their dedication to the Cuban theme is positively noticeable in almost every aspect, including spices, rum selections and certainly decorative features; this place is perfect for Cuban cuisine lovers! Their rum sauces and spiced rum drink beverages are delicious. I tried a 'tea pot' as my drink choice, a tea pot filled with their signature rum cocktail, and shared between two people and topped with fresh fruit.

Their main dishes include fresh sea bass with fresh Mediterranean vegetables, spicy burgers and French fries and fresh salads, to name a few. They even have a dedicated tapas style menu where you can order a selection of small dishes, designed to share between small groups of friends or even between just two. You'll find most of their dishes have Caribbean twists, like their Cuban BBQ glazed chicken or their lime and chilli king prawns. Nothing is bland and boring at Revolucion. With a £6 lunch deal and a 2 course for £9.95 offer up for grabs, you really can't go wrong.

The bar is a sophisticated setting with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The venue's attention to detail really takes your breath away. With cocktail masters in the trade, one of their friendly waiters will whip you up a delicious cocktail of your choice. With a choice of exotic mojito you can try their Jamaican twist on a cocktail classic, or why not try their reggae rum punch for a taste of the fine Caribbean? We went for a slightly less exotic choice of a mocktail, but still equally as nice, with a raspberry and elderflower concoction that tasted of summer itself. What's more, if you're lucky you may even catch Revolucion at a time when they have live Caribbean and Mediterranean music, adding a lovely ambience to your evening while you sip a fine cocktail or two.

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