Red's True Barbecue

Red's True Barbecue


Posted 2017-01-17 by Valeriafollow
Meat-eaters, brace yourselves: you cannot say you tried 'em all until you go to Red's True Barbecue.

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, the place reminds of an old theatre or cabaret club, based exclusively on the worship of good, smoked meat.

You cannot help but feel in love with Red's from the moment you walk in, if you have a functioning nose. Ribs, hamburgers, pulled pork, brisket, steaks; you name it. They have it all.

The quality of this place is excellent, the service is perfect, prices are fair, and beers are pretty good too. Plus, you get six different sauces on the table: North or South Carolina BBQ? Why not try the spicy one? (Just for the bravest, it really is hot). Then again, how can you not get hungry in front of this beauty?

My advice

I am a junkie when it comes to hamburgers, and as for now, no place has beaten Red's.

First option: have a classic bacon cheesburger and go crazy with extra toppings. Pulled pork is an awesome choice, I assure you. Don't forget you get to choose your sides as well. Tired of awesome fries? Get awesome sweet potato fries instead.

Second option: the Donut Burger. Yeah, it is exactly what is seems: two patties, melted cheese, bacon and all those other things that will make you cry with joy, in between two glazed donuts. You're welcome.

Third Option: the BBQ Feast. For those (at least four) who get overwhelmed by the menu and cannot choose, have a bit of everything. They truly are saviours.

Aaaand... a little extra. Not in the mood for ribs tonight? How can you, though, when you're going to Red's? Rib Tips will save your life. They're just the juicy end of ribs covered in BBQ sauce to get you started with your Holy meal.

Need to wait for a table? No problem.
They have a bar downstairs (which is so awesome) where you can have a cocktail before worshipping your smoked ribs.

Plus, if you are a true believer, you'll be rewarded with discounts, offers, and special treats. Or maybe you'll just be lucky and receive a 10£ discount for no reason at all.

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