The Real Greek Restaurant - Covent Garden

The Real Greek Restaurant - Covent Garden


Posted 2012-11-23 by Karolina Kaminskafollow

Covent Garden is one of my favourite destinations in London to go for a meal with friends. Coupled with the lively atmosphere of the central square, is an array of delightful restaurants where you can always be certain to enjoy a delicious meal. But I have too often bypassed the restaurants outside of the main square and after deciding to venture down some of the nearby roads, I discovered The Real Greek.

The Real Greek is the perfect place to go with a group of friends for an affordable evening out and very tasty food. The menu boasts a range of hot and cold meze (small savoury dishes) which are best enjoyed with flatbread, salads and sides, and souvlaki (traditional Greek wraps). If you're unfamiliar with Greek food then the sharing platters are very highly recommended. You can choose between two dishes for each platter, sampling foods such as grilled chicken skewers, pork belly, Greek salad, fried beans, grilled halloumi and hummus. The Anatolian option includes seven platters for just £25.75 and the Peloponnese option contains an extra platter for a further £2. Both options are recommended for two people to share, but there is definitely enough food for a third person to join in and still leave feeling adequately satisfied, making it a very inexpensive meal indeed.

The only downside to the restaurant is that it is rather cramped inside and you may find yourself sitting unusually close to the couple at the table next to you. The other restaurants in Marylebone, Spitalfields, Bankside and both Westfields, look slightly more spaced out however.

Consequently, The Real Greek in Covent Garden may not be the perfect place for a first date; perhaps one of the other branches would be more preferable. But it's an ideal place for a group of friends, and if you're part of a birthday party, you might even get a round of free drinks from the lovely manager.

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