Liverpool Radio City Tower St John's Beacon

Liverpool Radio City Tower St John's Beacon


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Liverpool Radio City Tower (St. John's Beacon)

Incontestable - this is the best view of the city of Liverpool. Boasting an impressive 138m above ground level (148cm if you include the antennas), the Radio City Tower is the highest structure in Liverpool, which explains why its views are so impressive!

The Radio City Tower was originally known as St. John's Beacon, from when it was first built in 1969, through to 1999. There was originally a revolving restaurant. It was initially closed due to health and safety issues, and despite being re-opened, was again closed due to lack of business. Luckily for us, St. John's Beacon was refurbished in 1999 for a whopping £5 million, and was re-opened to the public as the Radio City 96.7.

Radio City Tower doubles as a radio station and an observation deck. The observation deck is open to the general public with admission prices at £3.50 for children (ages 5-15), £4.50 for concession, and £5.50 for adults. Family tickets (2 adults and 3 children) are also available for £15. Tickets can be purchased in advance if desired, but there is no real need to. The last entry to the observation deck is 30 minutes before the daily closing time, at 5pm. The second floor, above the observation deck, are used as offices and conference rooms for the radio station.

There is a small waiting area where you wait before being taken up to the observation deck by a staff member. You can also purchase tickets if you have not done so already. This is also where you get a free panoramic souvenir booklet, included in your admission price. In it includes information of all the landmarks you can see from the observation deck, as well as the history of the Radio City Tower (some of which has been summarised in this article). Out of all the observation decks I have been to around the world, Radio City Tower is the first to offer a free booklet - usually, you have to pay a hefty sum for one of these, so kudos to them!

A short elevator ride later, you will be greeted with stunning views of the beautiful, bustling city of Liverpool, a place which 465,700 people call home. Put your cameras down and take in the view first - there is no time limit, so feel free to stay as long as you like. The view will take your breath away.

When you think you've had enough of the view (which might take a while), get your cameras out and ready, because every angle is a shot worth snapping - filters are unnecessary for views as good as this.

Radio City Tower encourages you to share your snaps with them, through either Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, or Instagram. They are so keen on seeing your photos that they actually provide free wifi here, which I for one took full advantage of!

I'm always up for a visit to an observation deck when travelling - in fact, we drove over 2 hours to Liverpool just to go up the Radio City Tower. However, the views here exceeded my expectations - pictures simply do not do the view justice. It is well worth a visit, for both locals and tourists alike.

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