Queen of Hoxton Summer Rooftop Club

Queen of Hoxton Summer Rooftop Club


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Sat 05 Jul 2014 - Sun 31 Aug 2014

The Queen of Hoxton is a bar, cub, and gallery all rolled into one. And that's just on the lower levels. During the summer they invite their guest to enjoy the sunshine way up high on the rooftop with a bird's eye view of the city. Open until September, the Summer Rooftop Club holds parties, workshops, and delicious barbecues. A colourful array of benches, gazebos, and a 360° swing seat turns it into a mini daily fairground.

Fat Buddha Yoga
5th July, 11am - 12pm, Bookings £10

Here to help you find peace, love, and look good naked, Fat Buddha Yoga is suitable for all levels. Combining the art of science and yoga, music is a core part of the class to help you feel relaxed, yet energised.

Tie Dye High Five
5th July, 1pm - 2.30pm & 3pm - 4.30pm, £12

Encouraging people to get funky with their DIY, Tie Dye High Five will be running two afternoon workshops. They will provide a practice t-shirt, but you should bring your own white shirts. You can make as many as you want until the dye runs out.

No Sweat Sports Day
12th July, 12.30pm - 5pm, Bookings £35 a team .

For those who suffer no fear of embarrassment or looking like a complete twit, put together a team of five mates and enter the No Sweat Sports Day. Sill costumes, silly contests, silly prizes, but fun, fun, fun. The games include Fatty Wrestling, Exotic Fruit Bowling, Face On Face Off, Wrap Battle, Limbo, and Shot Pud. This be followed by the winners' ceremony for Best in Team Kit Prize, Team Spirit Prize, Booby Prize, and Legs Akimbo Medals.

To keep you cool and energised, there will be frozen cocktails and barbecue.

Rock Your Socks Off
12th July, 2pm-3.30pm, Bookings £10

Use it Up. Wear it Out are upcycle masters, and they are going to show you how to make your socks rock the house down. They will provide all the material, but feel free to bring your own socks if you want to give them a makeover.

Pop-up Astronomy Club
13th July, 7pm - 10pm, Bookings £6

Join Super/collider for an evening of stargazing. See the sunset, take a close up look at sunspots, and then watch as the planets slowly emerge into the summer evening sky.

Extreme Garnishing
15th & 16th July, 7pm/9pm

The Robin Collective will show you how to play with your food, and give a dinner party with a bang. Learn how to turn tomatoes into roses, the science behind cocktail caviar, and use taste altering substances to confuse and delight the senses.

Ukulele Hootenanny
21st July, 6pm - 12am, Free

Join the Ukulele Hootenanny by picking up a ukulele to play along, sing-a-long, and enjoy a barbecue.

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