Purrple Cat Cafe

Purrple Cat Cafe


Posted 2018-02-21 by Fiona Trowbridgefollow
I recently had my first cat cafe experience when I visited the newly opened in Glasgow.

Housed in an old bank, it claimed to be the UK's largest cat cafe when it opened its doors at the end of 2017 and the old bank makes an ideal setting with ample floor space for comfy sofas and dining tables and chairs. The high ceilings allow for cat shelves and connected walkways with escape platforms for the cats when they want a little less attention.

As Glasgow's first cat cafe, it is so popular that bookings on Saturdays and Sundays have to be made two weeks in advance. Weekdays tend to be less busy but booking ahead is still advisable rather than just turning up.

The is now the forever home to over 30 rescue cats who have the freedom to wander anywhere they like except in food preparation areas. They'll quite happily jump up on your table and try to pinch your food. However, the clever people at the cat cafe bring lids for your food but that doesn't stop the curious cats showing a keen interest in having a good look at your food.

The cafe area is the cats' play area where they'll happily chase their toys and run through tunnels and thoroughly enjoy the humans working hard for them. There's a visitor free downstairs area where they sleep at night and if they want, they can stay there all day but most of them seemed to be upstairs.

The cats are all indoor cats, chosen for their friendliness and sociability and they seem to be quite content with that arrangement. On the two occasions I visited, I never once witnessed a cross paw.

The staff are clearly devoted the welfare of the cats, although they also do a marvellous job of caring for the human visitors too.

They purple t-shirted 'cattendants' as they are called take your order at the table, offer free refills and generally take very good care of you. The varied menu took me by surprise as I was expecting the cafe side of the operation to play a less important role but it clearly didn't.

Special dietary requirements are catered for and soy, almond or oat milk is always available as an alternative. There are hot meals and lunches available like biryani, toasted sandwiches and egg dishes and of course cakes - lots of cakes!

As a special treat, you can arrange to have 'Afternoon High Kittea' for 2 with sandwiches, cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam and tea but I can imagine the clotted cream would need a close watch from the highly inquisitive felines.

The atmosphere is extremely friendly; strangers become friends within minutes as you share the affection of the cats for an hour.

I thoroughly enjoyed my cat cafe experience and if I worked nearby, I'd be lunching there every day. Imagine how relaxed you'd feel going back to work in the afternoon having spent an hour with your furry feline friends.

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