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City: London

Between clients (I am a psychologist), I love to dabble in a bit of writing. When I am doing neither, I am multi-tasking being a mum and wife and loving it all!

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My WeekendNotes - 56
"Cupcake Jemma" had become a household word in ours over the summer, with the girls going on about the kind of baked del... [more]
So, I'm the one in red, yes, they do accord me a VIP status in the place! From the moment go, I watch, interested. ... [more]
So, we set out back for London after a week's sojourn at Lake District, Cumbria. We left our Lodge around 11am after the... [more]
During our recent trip to Alton Towers, we stumbled across OK Diner- a retro American restaurant chain. Being based in t... [more]
So, I am sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of this beautiful landscaped treasure in the West Midlands of England, i... [more]
So it was hubby's birthday last weekend. With the whole world in lockdown, the girls in the house (namely yours truly an... [more]
So, this weekend found me and the family in DUM Biryani House in Soho, London. It was an event we knew would inevitably ... [more]
I must say I first came to know of the existence of this little tidal island off the coast of Northumberland, only when ... [more]
It's 2019 (of course) and I am just about enter Cork city gaol. My charge(s): 10 Euro. The consequence: I am entitle... [more]
Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion or its more popular version - My Fair Lady, James J... [more]
Why, after flying from London, UK (where I incidentally live) to Dublin, Ireland, did I decide to visit The English Mark... [more]
So, am just back from a girl's only break in Ireland. This whole thing was the brainchild of some of my dearest and olde... [more]
So, hubby and I finally managed to synchronise our diaries and get some time off together! Quite a feat, that! Being the... [more]
So, we spent the last week of the children's summer holidays up in Northumberland, in a country park kind of in the midd... [more]
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. Whilst we don't really know, it i... [more]
I have to start by saying that until I reached my destination, I never really knew of the existence of this tiny seaside... [more]
Sometimes you really have to take time off and explore your backyard! I mean, I didn't know till recently that there was... [more]
New Year's eve found us doing a family meal at the 'All you can eat' buffet at JRC Croydon. To make this review a little... [more]
Ok, here's a little trivia quiz: What is the link between George Washington's grandmother, the American war of Independe... [more]
So, this is another article from my recent sojourn in the Lake District - one of the loveliest places in England - no, s... [more]
If you've read my other article about the coastal walk first, you will know that it ended in the Seacote Hotel... .... [more]
So, on my birthday a few weeks ago, we did a first. The first time we went walking as a family, just for walking's sake.... [more]
A cafe in the middle of nowhere, with views sublime, open anytime, not a soul in sight, but you are trusted to do wh... [more]
'A ribbon of a lake' was how someone described some of the lakes in Lake District. If that be so, then Windermere is the... [more]
So, if you've been reading my latest reviews, you will know by now that I have just spent a delightfully satisfying week... [more]
So, my older daughter turned 13 recently. As we wondered how she could celebrate this milestone, it hit me that there ar... [more]
Yes, that is my daughter standing there next to Lucy, searching as the latter did for Aslan the lion. For those who ... [more]
Actually, this should probably read 'where can one get a decent lunch for two under 10 quid?' And, no, it's not a trick ... [more]
On the way back from a day in London, we found ourselves in Victoria station, waiting for the train back to our neck of ... [more]
The brain child of Captain Mark Lowen, this is one for flying enthusiasts. 'Fly a flight' is exactly what it says- it is... [more]
Living in London, one sometimes tends to take things for granted - you know how it is, when you pass by landmarks every... [more]
So, this was another meet up over lunch with my colleagues - both current and former. One of them who lives local to thi... [more]
The recently gone May half-term found us having a quick break in the Sherwood forests Nottingham, getting to know one of... [more]
Pay to monkey around ... okay, I'll confess- that's really not my thing. But having had a swing at it (literally and met... [more]
Following on from my earlier article here on WN about 'Salon Guineapig', I've been getting regular updates from them on ... [more]
Come Christmas, at least once during the season, everyone hears the carol 'Hark the herald angels sing'. And, last month... [more]
Okay, this was something we did on a whim last Friday, finding ourselves in Central London for a meeting. With childcare... [more]
Tasty generous portions and excellent value for money equal Lahore Spices! This comfortable family restaurant opened on... [more]
Every now and then a few of us from work gather together for a lunch date. We choose someplace where we can eat our meal... [more]
Okay- I am not going to make this only about intergalactic celestial battles fought somewhere in outer space. In 2016, w... [more]
01/01/2016 - 14/01/2016
I've been meaning to write about this for sometime now, but was swept away with Christmas which suddenly crept upon me. ... [more]
Just how many Nutcracker ballets are being performed in London this year is a question that I would really like answered... [more]
28/11/2015 - 27/12/2015
This year I am quite pleased with myself. Yes, so far, have managed to be quite organised in planning my time off work s... [more]
18/12/2015 - 22/12/2015
I must confess upfront, I don't know the first thing about fishing. This little jewel was a serendipitous find as we did... [more]
I have always had deep respect for the men and women in uniform who have willingly chosen to put their bodies in front o... [more]
There are local swimming pools and then there's Magnum. Located in Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland, it would probably b... [more]
"5 minute walk from the beach, verdant green, friendly people, activities for all the family" were some of the things th... [more]
I enter the posh salon, situated in a posh part of London, Chelsea. I am welcomed, saying that I have been expected. I a... [more]
Free psychological therapy. Yes, you read right! There is this Government funded initiative running under the aegis of t... [more]
Before you read this article, ask yourself: a. are you the parent of a child under 5b. do you often find that you don't ... [more]
10/05/2015 - 27/09/2015
Normally a Tuesday afternoon would find me busy at my clinic, seeing one client after another (I work at a busy NHS prac... [more]
There are really two scripts running here. One is the one I am watching unfold in front of me and the other is the o... [more]
09/05/2015 - 10/05/2015
The Avon flows far below me; a rather brownish narrow river. The great chasm it divides are two counties- Somerset and B... [more]
I feel like I am holding that giant magnifying glass giving a close-up of the Gaul village (for the uninitiated- that pi... [more]
27/10/2014 - 02/11/2014
Many years ago as part of our high school curriculum, we read 'The Fog Horn' a short science fiction novel by late Ameri... [more]
Having had to hand over a parcel to someone working in Holborn, I found I had some time to spare and decided to explore... [more]