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City: London

Young and coffee in varying degrees, Kat is currently Editor of London based travel review website World Reviewer, and works for Nestoria Australia. Prior to this she was other things. One of those was a dinosaur, another a princess.

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My WeekendNotes - 390 - Page 6
Most of the information you need about this event is in the name. If it were called "The Contemporary Art Priced betwee... [more]
Trick or treating is for kids, so unless you're invited to a Hallowe'en party, how are you supposed to welcome in the Al... [more]
Do you remember how good jam is? It's a cupboard staple, so we're all inclined to take its pleasures for granted, but i... [more]
Polpo does Italian food the way they do it in Venice, meaning well and in small portions, which means you can have lots ... [more]
You seldom hear people holding up the fifties as a decade epitomising style in art, design or architecture. It's not of... [more]
I didn't hear about a new Italian bakery opening in Soho at the end of 2008, I sort of smelled it out. A wandering down ... [more]
How does a department store selling basically the same products as other department stores become a travel destination? ... [more]
Having a nifty little magic trick up your sleeve will come in handy in all sorts of circumstances. Impress friends-to-b... [more]
Canteen serves the sort of British cuisine that gives UK eating a good reputation not a bad one: flavoursome home made s... [more]
It's common knowledge that man is yet to discover and catalogue all the world's plants and animals. Some rare creatures... [more]
The thing about taking the stairs down to the nicely lit bar below Café des Amis is that it often smells pretty strongly... [more]
London is heavy with history. It's not just her hallowed buildings and the ancient Thames, it's also her thoroughfares ... [more]
Busaba, or to give it its full name, Busaba Eathai, now has more than one branch in London, but there always seems to be... [more]
Wahaca is supposed to be Mexican street food in London. Which isn't quite possible. But it does its best. They do... [more]
The Bird in Hand is a local pub by location but not by quality. The true test of a local pub is people still visiting a... [more]
There's a lot of bad coffee being sold to unsuspecting Londoners. Don't be one of them. There are many beacons of caff... [more]
Today Hamleys is only ONE of the world's largest toy stores, but when I was a kid I'm pretty sure I was told it was THE ... [more]
London can be a bit unreliable when it comes to coffee, and you have to appreciate that the antipodeans who run Sacred h... [more]
Liberty of London has its own signature style, such a rare pleasure for shoppers in a homogenizing world where shops see... [more]
Tinderbox is more than just a cafe - it's an oasis of power points in an unfriendly world. Cruising skirting boards for... [more]
There's something appetisingly subversive about having your breaky somewhere that's also a late night bar. In fact Bala... [more]
Richmond is a good place to start biking trips because it's on the river, along which run tow paths that are enjoyable, ... [more]
These times of austerity and cut backs cause those who are old enough to remember the war years. When times were hard b... [more]
London has many fish and chip restaurants and 'chippys' worth their salt, and every Londoner has a favourite they'll swe... [more]
Most people recognise the name Hastings better if the words 'Battle of' are written in front of it. And while this is u... [more]
The Hummingbird Bakery make cupcakes like American grannies are supposed to make. That's their gimmick - from churning ... [more]
When I was a little kid I wanted to be a bird. Not in the same way that other kids wanted to be Superman or Spiderman, ... [more]
Canela is a useful to place to know about at any time of day. They're a sort of hybrid cafe/ bar/ restaurant, in that t... [more]
Age old questions like 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?' and 'Is chocolate better than sex?' rear their dull h... [more]
Tibits differs from your standard London eating emporium in one very important way: you pay for your meal by weight. S... [more]
The British are supposed to know how to do tea properly so it's disappointing to go to a tea shop and pay £2 for a Twini... [more]
What would convince you to pay to go to the cinema without first knowing what film you're going to see? This isn't a ca... [more]
Astronomy is one of the world's oldest sciences: examining familiar constellations like Orion and Ursa Minor, exploring ... [more]
Sound: Brring brring Vision: A phone pressed to the side of an attractively powdered female cheek. Sound: "Darling, di... [more]
London has quite a few lovely old flea pit cinemas made good, but The Electric must be the nicest cinema going experienc... [more]
There are hundreds of different things you can do to help support worthy charities, but joining in with the London Night... [more]
London, Saturday September 11: In summer's yellow dying throws, Hyde Park is rousing itself for one last music festival.... [more]
At the Petersham Nurseries café the linen is perfectly laundered and the silver perfectly polished, but the floor is exp... [more]
When is a petrol station like a cinema? Probably never. There are few buildings more different to each other than a c... [more]
Smooth, well heeled feet may seem like one of life's few unaffordable luxuries these days; partly because it takes ages ... [more]
Almost anyone who was anyone in British history for the last thousand years has been interred within the grounds of West... [more]
There's always a lot going on on the Southbank, from organised events and festivals, to impromptu acts of one-of-a-kind ... [more]
In American films the drive-in always looks like so much fun – a whole lot of teenagers sitting in the back of their car... [more]
The Royal rowing regatta puts Henley on the map, but it's all over very quickly. So to make it worth your while making ... [more]
2009 is the right time for 'Mother Courage and her Children', a play originally penned by Bertolt Brecht in 1939; becaus... [more]
Botany, Entomology, Mineralology, Paleontology and Zoology: the very scientific sounding words separating the galleries ... [more]
London has a reputation for being an expensive city, and while there may be no such thing as a free lunch, it's really e... [more]
The New Forest: If the only forest you've ever encountered has been on the pages of a fairytale the New Forest still wo... [more]
Hampton Court Palace looks like the kind of place a king would want to live. Its terracotta bricks stand out from its g... [more]
What would you do if you were richer than the king? Mightn't be a bad idea to create a kingdom of your own, though if y... [more]
Beachy Head's appeal has nothing to do with a beach – and strangely neither does the name, which comes from the French "... [more]
To help ease the passing of summer for the British public the BBC annually organises an eight week audio bonanza celebra... [more]
There are lots of nice houses in Hampstead, but Fenton House is a bit special. It was built in the 17th Century by a me... [more]
If the UK hosts a street party bigger than the Notting Hill Carnival then it must be held in silence and I must be the o... [more]
Who would wish back the smog that once notoriously shrouded London, masking the streets and allowing nefarious deeds to ... [more]
Most people think of feng shui as being a slightly mystical Chinese style of home décor. What most people don't realise... [more]
Popular culture tells us that poker nights are something men host in order to get away from their wives and get a little... [more]
When I was a kid I really wanted to be like Indiana Jones. In my case the appeal wasn't the bull whip, or sassy chat an... [more]
The trick to making sushi is getting the rice right - it needs to be sticky, but not so sticky that it's clumpy. Once y... [more]
The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, is neatly packed with notable pieces of decorative art and design made over the pa... [more]
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