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City: London

Young and coffee in varying degrees, Kat is currently Editor of London based travel review website World Reviewer, and works for Nestoria Australia. Prior to this she was other things. One of those was a dinosaur, another a princess.

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My WeekendNotes - 390 - Page 4
Shona Reppe's Cinderella is even more magical than you're regular Cinderella, if that could be possible. The extra magi... [more]
24/02/2011 - 28/02/2011
No, it's not what you're thinking with your dirty mind! The 'S' and the 'M' in the S&M Cafe stand for sausages and mash... [more]
What do you think it would have been like to be member of staff working for Churchill's War Office during WW2? Obviousl... [more]
Gabriel Orozco finds things and turns them into art. Making things into art is essentially what all artists do, but Oro... [more]
19/01/2011 - 25/04/2011
Time is still money, and there are some things that even the most honest of cooks won't bother making from scratch. Bre... [more]
King Lear is a play of all kinds of madnesses, a blind man, a fool, a mad pretending to be mad and Lear, a man driven ma... [more]
03/01/2011 - 16/04/2011
Becky Shaw's blind date with Max the wealth manager is a train wreck it doesn't start well because she's late, fluster... [more]
13/01/2011 - 05/03/2011
FYI Twisted Tales is 80 minutes with no interval, so even though you might think of Dahl as a children's author, and... [more]
14/01/2011 - 26/02/2011
Kiera Knightley is in this play, running at the Comedy Theatre. Some people will need only this information to know whe... [more]
22/01/2011 - 30/04/2011
Last year I became obsessed with eating Pumpkin Pie. Every time I saw it on a restaurant menu I had to go in and try ... [more]
If you want start studded entertainment then this is the one for you it's almost as if the National Theatre has op... [more]
05/02/2011 - 17/04/2011
Normally in the world of writing for the stage the old adage about too many chefs is one that should be heeded. But the... [more]
25/01/2011 - 02/04/2011
Swan Lake is probably the world's most famous and most favourite ballet. It's atmospheric and beautiful, and shows ... [more]
27/02/2011 - 04/04/2011
People like to see the classics when they go to the ballet, your Swan Lake, your Giselle and your Nutcracker sell out ... [more]
02/03/2011 - 15/03/2011
Ronnie Scott's is a Soho institution, and an institution in jazz. Founded by jazz musicians Ronnie Scott and Pete Kin... [more]
Clybourne Park debuted in February 2010 and was a roaring success and a satirical gem when the Royal Court brought it to... [more]
28/01/2011 - 07/05/2011
There are several very famous operas about fallen women, but it's unexpected to see the name Anna Nicole Smith along... [more]
17/02/2011 - 04/03/2011
A perfect hot chocolate is a very subjective thing. More so even that that other contentious hot beverage, coffee. Do ... [more]
There's a lot of colour in the Royal Opera's Barber of Seville. There's a lot of colour in all productions of this comi... [more]
18/01/2011 - 08/02/2011
I first met Gail's bread in Notting Hill. It was mid Winter, and I was on my way home to heat up some soup, and then I ... [more]
What makes a woman a lady? Detail, girls, detail. And being memorable. And what's one of the most effective ways to b... [more]
Cox, cookies and cake sounds a bit rude, doesn't it? Which is fair, 'cause it is a bit rude. A little bit naughtier th... [more]
Tuesday the 25th of January is Burns Night, which is a fun night to celebrate even if you're not Scottish. If you're sp... [more]
There are some pretty special buildings in London, and quite a few of them now have part of their floor space taken up w... [more]
There's a scientific case for chocolate making you feel better. It's not just that it tastes good and it's something th... [more]
There's something to be said for frill-less tradition when it comes to seafood. And to champagne. The two things that ... [more]
Sketch isn't just one restaurant, it's more a collective. And an art collective at that, as what each of these eating p... [more]
Beer. Done right it's considered the nectar of the Gods, done badly it's like dishwater gone bad. You might think that... [more]
If you're not really an outdoor type, trail mix is basically a bag of high energy goodies you take with you to snack on ... [more]
First, let's get the pronunciation out of the way in case you need to give anyone directions. Yaow-ah-cha, is the way i... [more]
They say they're a 'deluxe diner', unimaginative reviewers say 'it's so good they named it twice', and savvy guests say ... [more]
Bar Italia has been in the Polledri family since it opened in 1949. And if it's not changed too much since then it's be... [more]
Coco de Mer is the sort of erotica emporium that makes proper ladies feel too good to be true. They stock everything fro... [more]
The United Sweet-tooths of America are responsible for this addictively delicious cocoa decadent concoction. Red velvet... [more]
The building The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen makes its home in is apparently one of the most famous in London. It looks ... [more]
Sometimes you have to work hard if you want to be in possession of the hottest ticket in old London town. You have to k... [more]
18/06/2011 - 11/09/2011
When applied to these German style sausages, the word 'wurst' seems unfair. For they're surely the very opposite to wor... [more]
If you like Polpo, which serves those tiny portions of Venetian deliciousness then you'll also like Polpetto, which is b... [more]
It's not a stretch for most people to learn that 'Wodka' is the Polish word for vodka. From which point it's an equally... [more]
Sometimes all I want from a bar is the feeling that when I'm sitting there with my drink I'm an actor in the film of lif... [more]
Not all kids have had a chance to finely tune their palate beyond fish fingers and need an extra-sensory dining expe... [more]
It's surprisingly hard to find a good pub off High Street Kensington. In fact it's surprisingly hard to find a pub up t... [more]
Dining at Rodizio Rico isn't like dining in other restaurants. It's more of a cross between dining in a restaurant and ... [more]
Remember when you were a kid and as well as your school rucksack, backpack or satchel you needed another bag to carry yo... [more]
Just because times are frugal girls, it doesn't mean that we don't still want to look good does it? Trawling Oxfam and ... [more]
Wherever you live, it's unlikely a Christmas season goes past without "The Nutcracker", it's like the fairy on top of th... [more]
Bobbin Bicycles' tag line is 'The Most Beautiful Bike Shop in Britain', and it's a well deserved moniker, even if it's s... [more]
London's Icebar started off as one of the first pop up venues, a cool (ha ha) gimmick for the Christmas season 2005, b... [more]
Covent Garden always seems like a logical place to meet up, it's pretty central, and a short walk from stations on sev... [more]
Delightful, comforting, sweet, crumbly and delicious. And of course Scottish, are the first couple of words the co-co... [more]
In many places the first whisper of spring comes from the daffodil heads that start poking up out of the ground. At fir... [more]
The name is supposed to suggest New York's East Village, but Village East doesn't have to ride on the coat tails of some... [more]
What makes a great library? If it's having a vast catalogue, then the British Library has the world's largest collectio... [more]
Bedford & Strand is pretty much on, or more correctly under, the corner of Bedford Street and The Strand, so it's named ... [more]
In 'days of yore' pre central heating - winter was a harder time for people than it is today, and some poor souls lite... [more]
Like wine? Like drinking wine? Like learning about wine? Like trying new wines, with the emphasis being on finding on... [more]
Ok, so I have to come clean. I didn't realise the bar in One Aldwych had a name I thought it was one of those funky n... [more]
A famous person in cookery once said that you'll always regret your first loaf. If it's any good you and your family wi... [more]
If you thought life on the ocean waves was all about space then come and educate yourself aboard the Golden Hinde, a ful... [more]
The High Road Brasserie, also known as the Chiswick Brasserie seems to have worked out what I like in a restaurant and t... [more]
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