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City: London

I am a freelance writer with an MA in creative writing. I have published a book of poetry called 'Poems on the Page' and a children's book called 'Unwanted Gift: The Trilogy'. I have an interest in baking and teddy bears.

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My WeekendNotes - 2513
The other day I took a walk along Charing Cross Road and discovered a shop called the House of Spells. Surely a magi... [more]
You might think after visiting the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour twice before that I had well and truly been... [more]
14/11/2020 - 17/01/2021
In 1950, director, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, brought All About Eve to the big screen. Starring Bette Davis, it told the ... [more]
12/02/2019 - 11/05/2019
Disney Pixar's first 3D animated film, Toy Story perfectly depicts the special relationship between a child and thei... [more]
When Harry Potter and The Death Hallows Part 2 came out in cinemas in 2011, fans felt both a sense of excitement and... [more]
I was glad to see that all the teddies arrived safely and on time to Kensington Town Hall for the Winter Bear Fest 2... [more]
We always look forwards to a Hugglets festival, but last September was particularly exciting because we were about t... [more]
If you were going to visit Santa, where is the first place you'd go? A Winter Wonderland park, perhaps, maybe a shop... [more]
It has been twenty years since we first read about The Boy Who Lived. Published on 26th June 1997, J.K. Rowling's bo... [more]
20/10/2017 - 28/02/2018
Teddy Bears of all ages and cultures are putting on their wellington boots, duffle coats, and warm woolly hats as ... [more]
When I heard about Soccercise, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had images in my mind of spending sixty minutes doing... [more]
Hidden in the maze of Soho, a little French Bistro is waiting to be discovered. Perhaps not the easiest of tasks as ... [more]
Since its preview on the 7th June, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been nominated for eleven awards, and alr... [more]
07/06/2016 - 04/02/2018
Built in 1891, Palace Theatre is one of the oldest in London, and in my opinion the most iconic due to its location.... [more]
Long before Hagrid terrorised students in his Care of Magical Creatures class there was another animal enthusiast ... [more]
When I saw Waterstones's Wimbledon branch closing down last year my heart sank. A town without a bookshop? That's the be... [more]
Another year has come and gone, and I am another year older. Birthdays are considered a time of celebration, but I haven... [more]
On my last visit to The Cafe in the Crypt in July, I was breath taken with the gorgeous architecture, and could see ... [more]
Up until now, there were three health food shops that I was aware of; I love shopping in all of them, but as you wou... [more]
That's it, crane your neck back just a little bit further. Yep Christ Church is one tall building. It might not reac... [more]
If you solely swear you are up to no good, you can take a look inside the Marauders' Map at the House of MinaLima. ... [more]
04/06/2016 - 07/01/2017
Formerly private land belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall, Kennington Common was renamed Kennington Park in 1854 wh... [more]
People fall in love in all kinds of ways. Some are lucky enough to have that chance encounter: two people who just happe... [more]
When I entered a cake competition for the Cake & Bake Show in London, it was with the zero expectation that I would ... [more]
02/10/2015 - 15/11/2015
When my mum asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, I decided that we were long overdue for a visit to our favour... [more]
These days, so many people suffer from different types of food allergies or intolerances. When you are cooking a meal ... [more]
What did you get up to round at Grandma's? For me, every weekend was different; on rainy days we stayed in and playe... [more]
Everyone knows that Kendal is famous for its mint cake, but the town is also home to another famous delight, and tha... [more]
Once a year, my mum and I visit family and friends up north, and we have an itinerary of 'must go to towns' while we a... [more]
Today I think children a robbed from receiving magical memories of going into a sweetshop. Buying sweets isn't the s... [more]
Capturing the likeness of someone on canvas is no easy feat, but at the National Portrait Gallery you can discover t... [more]
Famous for its landmark of Nelson's Column and its once pestilent pigeons, Trafalgar Square attracts flocks of touri... [more]
Out of all the eight royal parks in London, none is older than Greenwich Park. There have been settlements on the ... [more]
A simple minute's walk away from Bethnal Green tube station, the V&A Museum of Childhood is a place for all ages to ... [more]
As a traffic island, Hyde Park Corner connects six major roads, including Park Lane, Piccadilly, Knightsbridge, Cons... [more]
Created by the Finnish author and illustrator, Tove Jansson, The Moomins are a series of nine books written between ... [more]
Head down the sweeties isle in the supermarket and you are sure to find those multi-coloured hard candy coated choco... [more]
Since 2012 and the sad passing of George Poupides, who owned Broadway Place on Hartfield Road, Wimbledon had been wi... [more]
On Christmas Eve 1956, Michael Bond saw a lone teddy bear standing on a shelf in Selfridges. This last minute present to... [more]
Is that a Waterstones I see at Kings Cross St Pancras International Railway? No, but it's close. Watermark Books lau... [more]
Founded by Quentin Blake, the House of Illustration opened in the newly regenerated King's Cross on the 2nd July 2... [more]
It was September last year that I was last at King's Cross to see what regeneration had brought to the area. As well... [more]
I have been to the Disney Store in Kingston before, and thought it was a great place on my first visit. On my second... [more]
Spanning seven floors with over fifty thousand toys, Hamleys is not only the world's largest toy store, but also the... [more]
Wow, Westminster sure has a of of interesting facts. We've discovered things about Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, famous re... [more]
Last week I was exploring Sloane Square for the first time, and the one thing that struck me is how uttle fashion ce... [more]
If you are a Great British Bake Off fan like me, then you were probably over the moon when it was announced that the... [more]
When asked if I wanted to go to Mae Ping for my birthday, I gave it some consideration before deciding I felt like... [more]
A few days ago my nana sent me a letter (yes, people still do write letters by hand) about a trip she and my gra... [more]
Until now, I thought London's only Westfield shopping centre was in Stratford City, but a trip to Shepherd's Bus... [more]
After completing the Books About Town Riverside Trail, my dad wanted to whet his whistle with a pint. Most pubs only... [more]
On the 13th October 1958 a very rare thing happened. An illegal immigrant was welcomed into the country with open ar... [more]
Last year Merton Council sent me a booklet featuring local businesses that were offering work placements for young peo... [more]
MasterChef, The Great British Bake Off, The Great British Menu, The Taste; these are all great reality TV shows featurin... [more]
When it was announced that London would host the 2012 Olympics, I was less than enthusiastic to say the least. It wa... [more]
You can look left, you can look right, you can look straight ahead, but whichever direction you look, you can rest a... [more]
Did you ever wonder why South Kensington had so many museums on Exhibition Road? I was always curious about how they... [more]
Until Doctor Who releases the technical specifications of his Tardis, London's Natural History Museum is the next ... [more]
We'd been putting it off for ages, but when our guinea pig run practically snapped in half, we finally accepted that... [more]
After watching Malificent at the Wimbledon Odeon, my dad and I decided to eat out for dinner. There are plenty of pl... [more]
While a place full of torture, misery, and squalor, such as The Tower of London is bound to have some dissatisfied souls... [more]
While The Tower of London is now a popular tourist destination, once upon a time, such a trip was a one way ticket with ... [more]
Walking along The Broadway on Friday, I noticed that something looked different. But what? I couldn't put my finger ... [more]
For decades, Merton Abbey Mills has had a weekend market featuring handmade arts & crafts, and homemade food. It is ... [more]
London, the capital of England; it is a vibrant, bustling city, full of activity, and lively energy. And yet, beneath ... [more]
Home to Princess Victoria, the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, and Peter Pan, Kensington Gardens is the 'green lung' of... [more]
A few months ago I entered a photography competition as part of the Collywood Arts Festival. The theme was 'My Favouri... [more]
For my mum's birthday I decided to take her to afternoon tea, and while searching for the perfect place, I came acro... [more]
As an active member and volunteer at the South Mitcham Community Centre, the manager was kind enough to send me ... [more]
Located south of Croydon Road, Mitcham Golf Club is about a minute's walk from Mitcham Junction's train and tram sto... [more]
For the best taste of home you want it locally grown, which is why so many of us are starting to favour fruit & veg ... [more]
Clapham Common is one of the largest open spaces in London, and has a history dating back to 1086, when its presence... [more]
In Italian, La Baita means 'the hut', which is a good way to describe the bandstand cafe on Clapham Common.With its re... [more]
I've always imagined nature reserves as places restricted to idyllic countryside landscapes, so imagine my surprise ... [more]
If you were in the Royal Festival Hall on the 24th March 1954, then you would have been one of the first to hear... [more]
22/03/2014 - 07/06/2014
They say you learn something new every day. Last Monday I learnt about a whole new culture - or rather a very very old... [more]
My mum and I had lunch at Elys Cafe the the other day, and on the way out spotted a sign promoting afternoon tea for... [more]
A trip to the cinema gave me a two-for-one deal at the Chipotle Mexican Grill in Wimbledon. Named after a smoked hot... [more]
Did you know that Mitcham was once the opium capital of the world, it is the producer of squirting cucumbers, and the ... [more]
The Exhibit is a place where you can get a meal and a half, plus a good laugh, at a price that will make you wonder ... [more]
For someone who loves reading, the discovery of a new bookshop holds the same excitement as the discovery of a new p... [more]
As an unashamed chocoholic, I have followed Jim's Chocolate Mission blog for some time now. Three times a week he re... [more]
A new year means new beginnings, and at the beginning of 2014, South Mitcham Community Centre introduced a new activ... [more]
There was once a time when Bingo was considered mainly as a pass time for the elderly. My grandparents would play on... [more]
If you are one of those people who is not into the mushy gushy stuff thrown about around Valentine's Day, and wo... [more]
Sneaked away from a largely industrial area, a serene corner by the River Wandle is home to Merton Abbey Mills. ... [more]
I like the name Cartmel; it reminds me of caramel. A day shopping through Cartmel village it probably make you think... [more]
There are all types of ways to get exercise, from going to the gym, having a run, and playing sports. But which do y... [more]
Grange-Over-Sands is a Victorian seaside town with wonderful views of Morecambe Bay. The named 'Grange' comes from t... [more]
The shop window of Hazelmere Cafe and Bakery will turn the head of any bread lover. A beautiful display of baskets f... [more]
I don't care if you live as far away as Manchester, London or Cornwall, - hey, you could even live in Australia - if... [more]
The name Ulverston derives from the Old Norse word, Ulurestun, which literally translates to 'Wolf Warrior Village'. I ... [more]
It is a question that has divided the nation. To dunk or not to dunk? Some people consider it socially unacceptable ... [more]
Sweets. Our love affair with these teeth rotting morsels of joy starts from childhood, but can carry on way into adu... [more]
It all started with an apple, then along came an ice cream sandwich and a jelly bean. Now portable computer tablets ... [more]
Fish and chips is a classic dish enjoyed around the world, but our love of the stuff has lead to many problems for t... [more]
Happy New Year everybody. Who stayed up till midnight for the big countdown, and who was fast asleep in bed? I went ... [more]
Happy New Year everybody. I hope everyone had a good 2013, but there is always room for improvement. For 2014, what ... [more]
Father Christmas brings joy to millions of children around the world. His name brings excitement at the prospect of ... [more]
According to Forbes magazine, the richest person in the world right now is the Mexican telecom giant, Carlos Slim Helu. ... [more]
When I was much younger, Boxing Day used to be spent at my grandparents house and we would all play Scrabble. It was obl... [more]
I like eating out at Indian, Italian, and Asian restaurants, but sometimes it is nice to have a bit of good old Brit... [more]
Only two weeks old, Sama is a healthy fast food restaurant inspired by the markets of southeast Asia. Located on Wim... [more]
We have all heard the phrase 'a dog's for life, not just for Christmas'. Many families decide to buy their children ... [more]
Fairytales have been around almost as long as language itself. They are a way of communicating ideas through imagery... [more]
When you book a holiday abroad, it is usually for one of two reasons: a) to soak up the sun if you lack it at hom... [more]
There are several reasons why John Lewis is one of my favourite department stores to shop at: 1. Range 2. Quality ... [more]
Last year a little bakery that had been on the corner of Wimbledon Broadway closed down. I was by no means surprised... [more]
A short while ago I published a book of poetry and was interested in seeing if my local library would be interested ... [more]
After several months of maybes, perhapses, and we'll sees South Mitcham Community Centre has set up a pilates class... [more]
Love them or hate them, school dinners have been a part of most children's lives. In the UK, school dinners were mad... [more]
Seven years ago, I went to Mai Thai in Wimbledon for an afternoon meal, and remember enjoying it very much. Not long... [more]
What were your favourite games to play as a kid? Are they still popular today, or are they long gone? We all tal... [more]
There is something very welcoming about a restaurant named after the owners; just saying, 'Hey I'm going to Frankie ... [more]
When I was a child, my mum never let me go trick or treating; she thought it was wrong to go knocking on people's do... [more]
I had just had a meal down at the pub and was on my way home when I stumbled upon Borough Market. Stalls of street f... [more]
Situated next to the River Thames, directly opposite the Golden Hinde, and besides the remains of Winchester Palace,... [more]
History shows Britain to be a seafaring nation; we were brave pioneers heading out for new lands to face the unknown... [more]
The Clink. The prison that was to name all others. Dating back from 1144, it is one of England's oldest museums, and... [more]
After Blockbusters went into administration, the familiar blue shop residing on the corner of Wimbledon Broadway clo... [more]
Finding the balance between work and parenthood is a fine juggling act. One of the things parents struggle with most... [more]
A year or so ago, I treated myself to the complete Looney Tunes Golden Collection on DVD. As well as well known favour... [more]
I would shop at Fielders, but it's too mainstream. Just because you're not right, doesn't mean you're wrong. And... [more]
Most towns are quite happy to make do with one shopping centre, but not Croydon. They have three. It is not like... [more]
If the Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue is Saturn, then the Croydon branch is Mars. It may be small compared t... [more]
Not to be confused with its larger cousin in Croydon, Wandle Park of Colliers Wood may be small, but makes the perfe... [more]
The Challenge Network is an organisation for young people from all walks of life. They run community programmes that aim... [more]
We're having our boiler replaced at the moment, so because the house was in disarray, and workmen were coming and go... [more]
Yesterday I went to King's Cross to visit the London Canal Museum, but due to the lack of street signs, I ended up tak... [more]
12/06/2013 - 05/10/2013
When I was little, my devoted mother would get up in the wee hours of the morning, come downstairs, and start recording ... [more]
Do you have any fond memories of your first school? For most of us it is the place where we made our first friends a... [more]
Most people collect one thing or another. With my dad it is stamps, with my mum and I, it's teddy bears. A love of colle... [more]
Since retiring, my dad's friend bought a book of London walks by Time Out; he aims to complete one a week, and on Da... [more]
I joined Weekend Notes about one year ago, and since then, I have probably learned more about Australia than I have ... [more]
Some fathers are playful, some fathers are strict, some fathers love footy, and others like cricket. Some father... [more]
Twenty-three years I've lived in London. Guess how long it has taken me to visit the Museum of London. Twenty-three ... [more]
Most people these days probably rely on the internet to find out what's on the television schedule, but ever loyal a... [more]
02/08/2013 - 03/11/2013
You know what they say about books; well the same is true about restaurants. Don't judge one by its shop window. Not... [more]
I never thought I would be learning Japanese, but that is what happened when I attended karate on Tuesday evening. I... [more]
Shake, rattle, and roll with Lola at South Mitcham Community Centre. Every Thursday evening between 5.30pm-6.30pm, L... [more]
You will never go hungry in Wimbledon. It is unbelievable just how many places there are to eat. On The Broadway... [more]
Everything is fine at forty; it's once you hit fifty when things start going wrong. When my grandma was alive, t... [more]
Every now and then my mum and I like to treat ourselves to an afternoon tea. We have tried various places, including... [more]
A few months ago, my mum decided to take up pilates classes in order to get fit and in hope of relieving some of the... [more]
There are about twenty different market places in London, but despite being a Londoner all my life, I am ashamed to ... [more]
The other day I cam across an article by fellow WNer, Nadine Crawfield-Myatt, who come up with a staggering list of ... [more]
Kingston is full of historic places to see, and has many connections to royalty. It's name in fact derives from 'Kin... [more]
London is one of the world's biggest tourist hotspots, and there is no question as to why. Whether it is a fanta... [more]
St. James's Park is the oldest of London's royal parks, and probably my favourite. Up until now, the last time I vis... [more]
Cutty Sark sounds more like a type of sushi than a ship, but it is in fact a nineteenth century merchant vessel owne... [more]
I was on my way home from Croydon, waiting at the tram stop, when facing opposite me I saw Spiderman and Batman lookin... [more]
Although I am not religious, I think church architecture looks stunning; the sheer scale and commitment involved in ... [more]
After going to the Honeywood Museum last month only to find that I had misread the opening times (it is open Wednesd... [more]
Carshalton Water Tower is an eighteenth century building undergoing an extensive restoration project that is run ent... [more]
I discovered The London Film & Comic Convention back in 2005, when I fulfilled the dream of meeting my favourite Sta... [more]
05/07/2013 - 07/07/2013
While in Carshalton, I was walking down the rather cheerfully named Festival Walk, admiring the apple blossom trees,... [more]
The Wimbledon Society was founded in 1903 with the aims of preserving the town's heritage and protecting local interes... [more]
I very rarely go into Surbiton, but when I do, I always bake it a point to visit the Regency Bookshop. It is an inde... [more]
As one of the oldest towns in England, Kingston upon Thames plays an important part in our history. It could even be... [more]
If you want a taste of true Italian food and hospitality, then Mama Rosa is a relaxing, family friendly environment,... [more]
Back in February I heard about a Chocolate Museum that had newly opened in Brixton, and was excited to go and see it... [more]
Brixton is a diverse and multicultural area, and its market reflects that. Right outside Brixton Station, the street... [more]
I know my way around Kingston pretty well; there is lots to do there, and an easy train ride means that I can go on ... [more]
For the last month or so my mum had been wanting to visit Cannizaro Park to see the daffodils, but despite it be... [more]
While Wimbledon does have a fruit & veg stall by the library, and you occasional see a visiting French or Italian ma... [more]
As part of the Collier's Wood Spring Art Festival, Merton Abbey Mills were offering a free one-day taster pottery wh... [more]
When you step into the Belgian Brasserie you feel like you have entered a 1920s cabaret lounge: upbeat jazz plays ov... [more]
The Chapter House is a museum located Merton Abbey Mills, and can be found inside what used to be part of the August... [more]
28/09/2013 - 29/09/2013
I always knew that Kingston Market had a long history going back to the Medieval period, but it was not until I visi... [more]
No matter how old we get, the magic of Disney has the power to awaken the child within us all. Whether we are watchi... [more]
Planning a party? Want some good party games? Not surprisingly, some of the most popular are drinking games, which i... [more]
Every week Arthur (Terence Stamp) takes his dying wife, Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) to the 'OAPz' choir practice. He d... [more]
On the surface Disney's 52nd animated film, Wreck-It-Ralph, looks nothing like their traditional animated classics, ... [more]
When you are working on a budget, treating yourself to the latest fashions of the season is rarely going to be an op... [more]
Both my dad and I planned to buy flowers for my Mum's birthday. I went to Marks & Spencers; he went to a fish stall.... [more]
The Odeon is one of the largest cinema chains in Europe. The one in Wimbledon is located on The Broadway and as it has l... [more]
'No one does arch like Maggie Smith,' my mum said. Quite true. We're both big fans of hers, so Quartet was one on ou... [more]
We all want to be fit and healthy, but it can be hard to find the motivation to do the exercise. Gyms are expensive to j... [more]
It must have been at least six years since my last time in Debenhams cafe. I used to go all the time with my mum for... [more]
Woefully low on guinea pig supplies, I made one of my regular trips to the Creature Company pet shop in Wimbledon. L... [more]
In America people thrive on extreme food challenges, and it is to be something Britain has latched onto as well in recen... [more]
One of my favourite video games for the Wii is Epic Mickey, which is a fantastic revival of forgotten Disney charact... [more]
On the 9th of January 2013, the London Underground celebrated its 150th Birthday. The Metropolitan Railway opened on... [more]
The other day I went for a wander around my area, and realised that although I live about a fifteen minute walk away... [more]
Round two. In my last review I recommended getting the first volume of Pixar shorts, but in the case of volume two, ... [more]
Disney Pixar's feature films are brilliant entertainment. From their very first full length film, Toy Story in 1995,... [more]
"To watch this film is to witness the birth of what was a new art form: we can see how the Soviet innovator Sergei E... [more]
Cormac McCarthy's The Road is an excellent novel with a unique style. The author wrote the book without any speech m... [more]
Yesterday I went to go and see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I had checked the Odeon times for the 2D screening, an... [more]
Last Thursday The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released in cinemas. I was hoping to go on the opening day, but ... [more]
On November 4th 2009, Disney released a new animated film of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. I had seen the tra... [more]
The most traditional Christmas dinner is without a doubt roast turkey. I was watching a Christmas cooking programme la... [more]
With commercial brands such as Paxo, you can usually buy stuffing all year round, although I'm not actually sure how... [more]
Yesterday I had an appointment to go to, but due to an admin cock up, I got there and was told that I wasn't schedul... [more]
There are an endless amount of card games out there, and it would be impossible to name them all. While some are classic... [more]
Flapjacks. Sticky, sweet, filling, and portable. No wonder these three-mouthful bites are so popular to buy for brea... [more]
One thing that I always look forward to around Christmas time is appearance of all the seasonal food in the shops. One... [more]
Whenever a new Disney movie is announced I get both excited and nervous. I love Disney so much, but over the years, ... [more]
Ten-pin bowling is a great family activity; it is perfect for the holidays when everyone can go and enjoy themselves... [more]
Kids are exceptional artists. I know this for a fact. I've seen works of modern art in galleries that have sold for th... [more]
I bought Disney Pixar's Brave the other day, and after watching half the film, I was reminded of Disney's most recen... [more]
The other day, Mum and I decided that it had been a long time since were were ladies who lunch in Kingston. Despite ... [more]
Thanks to Scrat (Chris Wedge) and his eternal acorn quest, the continents are separating and great land masses are b... [more]
A few weeks ago I read a review of a Belgian Waffle House that really got my mouth watering. I wanted waffles. ... [more]
A few days ago I received the results of my MA in the post. As I achieved a commendation, my mum thought it called f... [more]
For the last two weeks or so, we have been without our usual loaf of wholemeal bread. The first week we forgot to buy ... [more]
In the words of Star Trek's Deanna Troi, 'I never met a chocolate I didn't like.' Be it a truffle, a cake, or indeed... [more]
You've just eaten the equivalent of two roast dinners: turkey, sage and onion stuffing, yorkshire puddings, roast po... [more]
Without numbers the universe would not be able to exist. Maths may be some kids' most hated subject at school (it certai... [more]
Aren't words great? Where would we be without them? Just imagine a world without words: no stories, no conversations, be... [more]
Making a smoothie is really quick and easy. They are a healthy fruity delight that make an excellent drink in the summ... [more]
Casseroles are hearty winter meals that warm you up when it's cold outside. Practically every country has their own type... [more]
Raymond Carver's collection of short stories is portrayed perfectly by Lord Bryon's powerful summation from Don Juan... [more]
Jimmy's is an all you can eat buffet bar serving multi-cultural cuisine. From Thailand to China, Italy to Japan, Mex... [more]
I've never been much of a fan for old Hollywood films, but when I was a film studies student it was often necessary ... [more]
Frank Bidart is a Californian poet, born in 1939. His first collection of poetry was called Golden State, which was ... [more]
In 2004 The Crash Bandicoot series had a far out idea. Crash and Cortex working together. When I first heard that, t... [more]
I usually like to make my meals from scratch, but sometimes when I'm not in the mood, it is nice just to be able to ... [more]
'That sounds like it might grow up to be a dirty story.' A scandalous book of blackmail, murder and sex, The Big Sleep... [more]
Bill's is a fairly new restaurant in Wimbledon. It opened a few months ago behind the Odeon, which makes it a great ... [more]
With the next Star Trek film hitting cinemas in May, I thought I would share my option on the previous film. I have ... [more]
Published posthumously, Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast is a memoir recounting his time spent writing in the caf... [more]
Roast and Conch is a small cocoa cafe at Seven Dials in London. It is part of the Hotel Chocolate company and their ... [more]
Pecan pie is one of the most delicious dessert out there. It is particularly good when warm and goes great with vanilla ... [more]
An intriguing and emotional tragedy that will touch the hearts of young and old alike. Set in the mid 1940s, The Vis... [more]
Since catching the baking bug I've attempted a number of different flat breads, including pita, naan, and forcaccia.... [more]
After writing an article giving bread-making tips, a reader asked me to post some of my bread recipes. I have quite a fe... [more]
Walnuts and chocolate go together like two peas in a pod - or in this case a brownie - and complement one another excell... [more]
A new Asda opened up near me recently, and as I was fed up with Sainsbury's constantly getting rid of my favourite produ... [more]
There must be thousands of PC games that have been released over the years, far more than have ever been brought out for... [more]
Making your own bread at home can be such a satisfying experience, and is much nicer than the bread you buy at the s... [more]
I'm not generally a huge salad fan. Although I like some leafy vegetables, I absolutely hate lettuce, which is usually t... [more]
When my interest in the Playstation 2 waned, I considered finishing my console gaming career. I wasn't interested in get... [more]
We are constantly being told about the need for a healthy lifestyle. We are warned about the dangers of high cholesterol... [more]
I got the PlayStation 1 when I was ten, but pretty soon after that the PlayStation 2 came out. This didn't bother me; th... [more]
Wimbledon Racquets and fitness is a sports and social club for people who play squash and badminton. They also have ... [more]
I came to the world of gaming pretty late. I was ten by the time I got my first console, and that was a Playstation 1. A... [more]
Pasta is one of my favourite foods; it is so versatile, and there are so many types of dishes that can be made from ... [more]
I'm an unashamed chocoholic. Dark, milk, white, I love them all. But while Dairy Milk and Kit-Kats are fine if you're i... [more]
On our trips into town, my mum and I like to be ladies who lunch. It's always interesting to try new places, so when... [more]
Part of the National Trust since 1941, Morden Hall Park is 'an oasis in the heart of suburbia'. With 125 acres, ... [more]
One thing I love about cooking is that you can take a recipe and adapt it to your own tastes or dietary requirements. Fo... [more]
Despite their regal name, Windsor cakes are quite modest cup cakes; they don't look particularly elegant, but they a... [more]
In 1994, Dean City Farm became part of the National Trust and was built on a disused industrial estate on the ground... [more]
These flying saucer-shaped Yorkshire Puddings are perfect for children, people with small appetites, and inter-galatic v... [more]
I love to snack on dried fruit, so when The Nut Tree opened up at Wimbledon Station, I couldn't have been happier. Th... [more]
Don't you just love those odd bod shops you find sometimes? The ones that are not part of some big chain company, but ar... [more]
Mae Ping is my family's favourite restaurant; we always go there on special occasions. Yesterday we went to celebrat... [more]
All the Colin Creevy's out there are in for a treat as, from the 12th July, the London Film Museum at Covent Garden ... [more]
12/07/2021 - 31/10/2021
It was a sad day when I heard that the Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival would have to be cancelled this September due to... [more]
26/02/2021 - 28/02/2021
Fans of Harry Potter are probably familiar with the once named Pottermore. The interactive website was full of conte... [more]
When I received an email from Whittle-Le-Woods giving me a sneak preview of some of the bears they were going to be br... [more]
Have you ever walked past a building and wondered how it got its name? The origin can often provide an interesting b... [more]
Reviews for the latest Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindewald, have been mixed, but it sure has been a talk... [more]
19/11/2018 - 17/02/2019
An institute thirty-seven years in the making, The British Library has the largest collection of texts and digital... [more]
Emerald Punch is a new mocktail on the menu at Imm Thai Fusion. There is no need to ask how it got its name, given the d... [more]
The Phuket Blue Sea is a cocktail available from Imm Thai Fusion. The restaurant also does non-alcoholic versions of the... [more]
Welcome to the biggest antiques district in the world. That's right, it's Portobello Market. Despite living in Londo... [more]
Imm Thai Fusion's Sweetcorn Cakes are one of the choices on the starters menu. I would call them more fritters than cake... [more]
Although I've never been that keen on sweet and sour dishes, the sweet & sour chicken that my dad ordered from Imm Thai ... [more]
Rice is the perfect accompaniment to curries and other sauce-based dishes. Imm Thai Fusion have a great selection to cho... [more]
As part of their limited edition Winter/Early Spring Menu, Imm Thai Fusion is offering Red Pumpkin Curry. There is the o... [more]
All anyone needs in life are the bare necessities, but for arctophiles, what we're interested in are the bear necess... [more]
You thought it was Rita Skeeter who wrote for the Daily Prophet? Think again. All the newspapers, wanted posters, ad... [more]
30/11/2016 - 28/02/2017
Wimbledon has officially entered the spirit of the season after a fantastic Winter Wonderland on The Broadway, whi... [more]
While all the cakes behind the glass looked oh so very temping, I was in the mood for something warm and comforting, so ... [more]
'Chocolate!' Those were the first words I heard my two year old second cousin say. Yes, I think he will fit into the... [more]
While I went for the New York classic, Eggs Benedict, my mum chose the comfort food of home: a quintessentially English ... [more]
As someone who is not much of an egg person, I found myself surprised to be ordering the Eggs Benedict Florentine from M... [more]
Shortlisted? Again? Why I'm blushing. Not from a sense of pride, but from a sense of embarrassment as I look at all ... [more]
10/11/2016 - 13/11/2016
It won't be long now till bears start going into hibernation, so if you want to catch a glance, you'd better be quic... [more]
On your bike, Tour de France, London's where it's at. Prepare to get those giblets pedalling because Prudential Ride... [more]
28/07/2017 - 30/07/2017
If anything is going to stop me in my tracks as I walk down the street, it is the word 'baking'. Thus the sign in Ni... [more]
It appears as though Disney has decided to remake every classic animated film they have created into live action. Fi... [more]
I have never been one for doing things in public, especially if it is for the first time and potentially embarrassin... [more]
Judy Hopps is a trier and even she has come from a family of risk averse carrot farmers, she aspires to greater thin... [more]
When I stepped out of Oval tube station on Saturday afternoon, I had no plans to go shopping; I was just there for a... [more]
Our bees are having a tough time of late. What with foreign parasites and farmers' pesticides, the beed population h... [more]
Nothing says British Comedy quite like Dad's Army. The sitcom about Walmington-on-Sea's Home Guard during the Second... [more]
They don't make them like they used to. It's a common phrase that can be said of so many things: electrical appli... [more]
During the cold seasons it is important to keep warm, but instead of using up energy with the central heating, I thi... [more]
On the 1st January 2015, British actor, Eddie Redmayne became a sensation as he hit the big screen in the film The T... [more]
2015 came to an end with the most hotly awaited release of the year: Star Wars VII. The Force Awakens is the first S... [more]
For the last few months fashion fiends have had to go cold turkey but, with Christmas on the way, that turkey is now... [more]
If you're in Kingston and hear the sound of trumpets, follow it. You'll be taken to All Saints Parish Church, where ... [more]
12/11/2015 - 24/12/2015
How do you turn mundane everyday life into a gripping narrative? For that you need an outstanding writer. An action ... [more]
Underneath every woman is a suffragette. Fortunately for us there is now little need for her to emerge. We still hav... [more]
We last left Thomas and the surviving Gladers escaping a terrible maze,only to emerge on the other side to find the ... [more]
Think of a phrase and then sell it to the world. That's the key to success. Well, one of them anyway. Humorous quote... [more]
Never count the days down on a calendar; the date you're waiting for will feel like a lifetime. At least that was th... [more]
Who here still has their childhood teddy bear?Who here has bought a teddy bear for themselves in adult life? A be... [more]
28/02/2015 - 25/10/2015
Each month the Designer Sales UK team have been offering fantastic prices for designer outfits, but all good things ... [more]
It's twelve o'clock on a sunny summer's day, and I enter Rock Terrace Recreation Ground with yoga mat in hand. I am ... [more]
Whatever our style, we all want to look good for the best price - but sometimes finding the best price is not always... [more]
Just because you live in London does not mean you can't experience a bit of country living. Walk down to Morden Hall... [more]
02/05/2015 - 04/05/2015
As a customer, what keeps you returning for more? With me it is good customer service and great deals. Well, tha... [more]
A lot of people consider January a time for new beginnings because it is the start of a new year, but really April i... [more]
First you found the Books About Town, and the Boris Busses, and then went on to find Paddington Bear. Now it is time... [more]
28/03/2015 - 31/08/2015
Holland & Barrett is the largest health food retailer in the UK, as well as the leading retailer of vitamins, minera... [more]
I always feel more creative in the spring than I do in winter, probably because the light rejuvenate me. I think mos... [more]
21/03/2015 - 05/04/2015
It's Christmas day. I pick up a present from underneath the tree and give it to my mum to open. As the paper is torn... [more]
Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club has recently come up with a new menu. In its range of healthy options, you can order... [more]
If you are in need of a hug then you should go to Kensington Town Hall. Well, at least on two days of the year anywa... [more]
I've been putting off going to the Royal Observatory Greenwich for some time for two reasons. One, it is a bit of a ... [more]
As I walked towards St. James's Church Piccadilly, in the courtyard I saw a Christmas Tree surrounded by stalls. I i... [more]
Just to make things confusing, Primrose Hill is the name of a London district, a royal park within that said distric... [more]
The Museum of Childhood explores all aspects of life as a child, including playtime, family life, and what child... [more]
I think the Illustration Cupboard is such an apt name for a gallery based on art inspired by literature. I found thi... [more]
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