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City: London
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My WeekendNotes - 48
The Praxis Language Gym opened in June to rave reviews and has already had great success with higher level English s... [more]
22/09/2014 - 19/12/2014
Lots of my overseas friends want to improve their English but find that work and family life get in the way. Courses are... [more]
As this drab summer has robbed me of many relaxing days in the park and long sunny walks, I have found a number of diffe... [more]
There are few more daunting moments in a modern man's life then when he realises that he needs to buy a gift for the spe... [more]
The self-styled 'worst show at the fringe', is in London for a couple of nights at the end of July. Building on a series... [more]
18/07/2013 - 20/07/2013
If you're looking for a new and interesting way to spend your free time and you harbour anything approaching literary am... [more]
One of the greatest things about this wonderful city of ours is its ability to build creative projects in unlikely locat... [more]
21/06/2013 - 26/06/2013
Of all the crowns to own, few could be more worthy than that of finest pizza take-away restaurant in Crouch End. Of all ... [more]
Would rose by any other name… la-di-da-da-da. Okay, okay, It seems it is hard to write about flowers without dropping so... [more]
Christmas is coming and that can mean only one thing- bloating in front of the telly with a decent brandy and a re-run o... [more]
The Holloway Road can often seem like a netherworld, trapped between the gothy-indie haven of Camden Town and the refine... [more]
There's a new kid in town. Crouch End's bustling café scene has a new contender. You know what? I think they have the po... [more]
It can often seem like London is the least tranquil place on earth. Long working hours, packed commuter trains, busy str... [more]
Few places on earth have inspired, and been home to, as many writers and poets as London. From the earliest theatre prod... [more]
Sitting in a quiet corner of Crouch End (opposite the fantastic Queens pub on Tottenham Lane) sits one of the most enjoy... [more]
It sometimes feels as though Crouch End has more cafes than inhabitants and yet, each weekend they are all full to overf... [more]
Living in Crouch End can often feel like living in a village, with its little cafes and main square away from the hustle... [more]
Garlic may well be the key to eternal life. It has been known to remedy many illnesses due to its antiseptic properties ... [more]
Okay, so they've finally left you. It's happened. The world has opened up and the days of cosy lie-ins and lazy brunches... [more]
Times are tough for the modern gentleman. Successive periods of the 'lad' and the 'metrosexual' man have left us feeling... [more]
There are infinite reasons to love living in the big city. We have all the bars, the entertainment, the galleries, the s... [more]
Pub names can often be cryptic. Pub names can often be clichéd. How many Red Lions does one country need, really? The Ol... [more]
With Crouch End boasting independent record shops, live music venues and endless creative types, it is little wonder tha... [more]
16/11/2012 - 17/11/2012
Perhaps sometimes my articles sound like a love letter to Crouch End. Perhaps, sometimes, they are. The greatest thing a... [more]
A great café should do more than provide a decent caffeine hit. I can get that from instant, without having to venture o... [more]
Now for something truly special. As the autumnal breeze turns into a winter chill and the evenings seemingly begin at lu... [more]
The Jewish Film Festival celebrates the best film making from the Jewish community around the world. If, like me, you en... [more]
01/11/2012 - 18/11/2012
This restaurant mixes elegance with quirkiness, rustic dishes with contemporary twists, light and fragrant dishes with j... [more]
Life is complicated. At least at times it feels like it is. When things get a little too hectic in my world, I like to t... [more]
Some shops serve a function. You need something specific, so you go to the appropriate shop to buy it. Easy. Other shops... [more]
Of all the Davis-vs-Goliath tales that exist in modern London, few are worthy of as much focus as the plight of independ... [more]
With some trepidation, I waited outside the Haelan Centre in Crouch End. Suddenly, I was very aware of my clunky, somewh... [more]
What could be better than an independent bookshop in the heart of Crouch End specialising in books for kids of all ages?... [more]
I like to keep fit and healthy, eat well (ish) and am a member of slightly under-visited gym. A few friends of mine sugg... [more]
London is great. I wouldn't be writing for this website if I didn't truly adore the sweaty chaos of the urban streets. E... [more]
Several times a year I like to take a trip down the King's Road and see what Uncle Charles has lined up for us all a... [more]
27/09/2012 - 05/11/2012
I think of the late twenties, that era floating hopelessly between student digs and proper, grown up life, as the po... [more]
I love places that are a curious mix of styles and influences. I love places that drip little details that show the ... [more]
I love London. I am a proud Englishman (at least when the football team is doing ok). However, like a lot of Londoners, ... [more]
In times of economic hardship, it can be hard to grasp why independent wine shops, such as Bottle Apostle, continue to t... [more]
By combining style with substance, O's Café has carved out a reputation in the area for serving fresh and authentic ... [more]
As more and more people are waking up to the delights of Vietnamese cooking, the popularity of this wonderful café i... [more]
If you mention the word Banner's to anyone in the Crouch End area, they are liable to stare off dreamily, or begin a... [more]
Some pubs are just for drinking. That's no criticism. Some of the best nights of my life have been in spit and sawdu... [more]
Sundays may well be the day of rest but that does not mean you have to stay under the duvet with a cup of tea and a ... [more]
What could be better than a cracking local pub in the heart of leafy Crouch End? Whether you live in the area, or are vi... [more]
I am always dubious when a pub has a re-fit. For every glorious modernisation there is a soulless plastering over wh... [more]
There were days when vintage chic meant the markets of east London. As time has gone on, the prices have shot up and... [more]