Platt Fields Fireworks

Platt Fields Fireworks


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Mon 05 Nov 2012 - Tue 06 Nov 2012

Platt Fields Park is a large public area situated near Fallowfield in Manchester. It is a common place for dog walkers and runners, or just people looking for a bit of a break from the city views.

Once a year, on the Bonfire night, Platt Fields Park hosts a sea of people who have flocked to see the free fireworks to celebrate the 5th November.

The atmosphere in Platt Fields during this event is great. Masses of people wrap up and venture out in the dark to see the fireworks. The number of people is unbelievable, yet there is plenty of room for everyone to get a good look at the display and the huge bonfire that is in place.

On top of the impressive fireworks display, there is a fairground set up in another section of the park. The rides vary but there are some for the more feint hearted if you are not into the whole height thing. If you're looking to just relax and enjoy the show there are various food stalls and bars that set up along the back. It creates a sort of festival atmosphere that you miss out on in some other places. It is important to keep in mind that the prices of these stalls and bars are all very steep due to the convenience factor of it all. The park isn't too far away from pubs and restaurants but it is a bit of a struggle to get out of the park, what with all the people coming in, and you don't really want to miss the fireworks display.

The display itself runs for about 10 minutes, though in that time there are a significant number of fireworks, and for a free display there is nothing to complain about.

If you have no other plans for Bonfire Night and you live near Fallowfield in Manchester then you would enjoy heading down to Platt Fields Park in the evening to enjoy the show. Transport to Fallowfield isn't too difficult, with plenty of taxis and buses. One slight problem is that they fill up quickly because of all the people attending. Aside from that it is advisable to wrap up warm, there isn't much shelter in the park and you might be standing round for a while.

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