Planet Organic, Angel

Planet Organic, Angel


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Essex Road is Angel's equivalent to a High Street. Brimming with wants and pulls for the magpie-like customer, I found myself falling into the small supermarket chain of Planet Organic . This one being in Angel.

If I'm honest it was very expensive and I was saddened that in current economic times I still found coconut oil on sale for £20, whereas a few miles away I could get it for less than a quarter of the price. Nonetheless Planet Organic had plenty for me to 'ooh and ahh' over.

It's sheer selection of foods for the discerning diet is impressive. They sell sprouted quinoa for example, their own as well as a variety of brands 'activated' (soaked) seeds.

Naturally, there was a fine selection of fresh produce from apples, ginger, carrots, to cavolo nero and not-to-be-confused-with-turmeric, galangal. I however, found myself drawn to the other goodies appealing to my sparrow nature, pulling me to other parts of the store.

I eyed the juice offering dubiously; I've seen it all before, and I can make it at home. But the Plenish range in Planet Organic caught my eye. I'm a sucker for packaging.

I ended up buying the tiny (450ml for £5.80) juice out of sheer curiosity. In all honesty was milder than I'd both expected and wanted.

On the juice rack, familiar finds include Vita Coco, Chi Coconut Water, Evian, Naked juice, and nut milks.

The typical array of juices was punctuated with brands I'd never encountered before and unique juice blends. Impressed, I bought one.

Planet Organic's own range of sprouted red quinoa was enough to entice me, and having since cooked it at home, I'll definitely buy it again.

This small, but long, health food shop really is a cave of wonders. I noticed that they'd just started selling - because they were branded 'new' - farmed insects, from exotic food seller Grub. That's right: packs of crickets, meal and buffalo worms in 45g packets. Whoever said healthy eating didn't mean downright fun?

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