Top 7 Places to Visit in York

Top 7 Places to Visit in York


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I have just recently been to the city of York to watch Singing in the Rain at the Theatre Royal. I had never been to visit York before and how surprised I was. York is such a beautiful and quaint little city with some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen, such as the iconic York Minster and the entangled cobbled streets and shops with such unique style and shine.

[ADVERT]Even though this is a very established city with so much history and elegance, York can take you by surprise, as it is also one of the most vibrant cities that I have been. Like one said, it is "a city of contrasts and exciting discoveries." York is a great place for shopping and education, and is the home of a variety of festivals throughout the year that are all undoubtedly beaming with life. There are plenty of guest houses and restaurants, so you will not be short of somewhere to eat and stay.

From my time in York, I managed to go round a number of the cites main attractions and restaurants and this is my verdict on the top seven best places to visit if you have a small amount of time to spend in this beautiful city.

1. York Minster . There is no better place in York to see than the York Minster. From the top or York's medieval central tower (York's highest landmark); you can see the whole of Yorkshires beautiful surrounding countryside. However you must climb up 275 steps/230 feet. But it is well worth it as you get to pass some of the most gothic architecture you can imagine. If you are spending only a small amount of time in York, the Minster is a must do.

2. The Dungeons . This is a great place for all the family. Full of tours, shows and dramas showing the gruesome history of York including the highwayman Dick Turpin, the infamous Guy Fawkes and Viking King Eric Bloodaxe. It's a very unique experience that is sure to thrill. But it is definitely not for the faint hearted.

3. York Castle Museum . This is one of Britain's leading museums of everyday life. It shows just how people use to live in York from different times in history. It's a great learning experience and lots of fun for all the family. York's castle museum displays thousands of household objects and by recreating rooms, shops, streets and even prison cells.

4. York Theatre Royal . York Theatre Royal has been producing great drama in the beautiful City of York for over 250 years and is one of the country's leading producing theatres. I just recently went to see 'singing in the rain' at this beautiful theatre and I must say the standard of acting, props, singing and dancing was something of a professional level.

5. Evil Eye . This is a bar in the centre of York. The reason I picked this bar out of all the others is because it is a very unusual bar, which is situated on the stone cobbled street of stone gate. But this bar is very hidden by a shop that sells array of very diverse spirits. You must go through the shop and through a dark door way, where you will be met by some of the most accommodating staff. The bar is full of comfy bed like seats and holds some of the most unusual spirits you could imagine. Look out for a big blue eye sign as you walk down the street.

6. Jorvik Viking Centre . The Jorvik centre has an outstanding reputation for both educational value and fun. It is one of the mostly visited sights in the whole of England and I would highly recommend visiting this extraordinary multidimensional educational centre. Jorvick is a place to go and explore the unearthed Viking aged city through a range of exhibitions workshops and festivals.

7. Lime House Restaurant . As well as many chain restaurants, York is the home of many unique shop and caf├ęs. York is a great place to try a new type of food and setting as there are so many to choose from. Lime house restaurant is Adam & Catherine Fisher's award winning restaurant is situated in the picturesque centre of York, 2 minutes away from York Minster & the Shambles. Over the last ten years they have created a special reputation for excellence, with outstanding food being complemented by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This restaurant is open both lunch and evening and holds some of the best tasting and well presented food I have seen. Even though this restaurant can be a little bit pricey, it is well worth paying.

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