'Photographing the Fun of the Fair' Workshop

'Photographing the Fun of the Fair' Workshop


Posted 2014-06-01 by Joanna Sopylo-Firrisafollow

Against the rain, we set out on a photography journey around Hampstead Heath.

Whether you have extensive experience with photography or you're rather a beginner, like me, and have little knowledge about what shutter speed, exposure and ISO are, you'll have fun at this photography class with Elspeth Storrar. It was an exciting experience to chat to Elspeth and learn from her as well as practice freely with all kinds of camera settings. It definitely encouraged me to buy my own DSLR camera and explore photography in more depth. I took about 200 pictures within 2 hours and at the end I could compare how different one was from another, even though they were taken at the same time of the day!

I had a chance to participate in a "Photographing the Fun of the Fair" workshop, though we did more than that. Elspeth handed us a printed off introduction with historical examples of fair photography and suggestions which camera settings we could use in different light conditions. In spite of rain pouring down from heaven the whole day on the late spring Bank Holiday, we were brave enough to take our tripods and cameras and capture the last minutes of Hampstead Heath Fair. Due to the bad weather, it closed down earlier than planned, but we had a rare chance of photographing the crew taking everything down. As we haven't spent too much time at the fair we got a chance to practice with other types of photography; at the local ponds we tried to capture ducks and practice pictures of water, and at Parliament Hill we learnt a bit about night photography by taking pictures of the London skyline.

Elspeth started classes around Hampstead Heath to make life easier for first-time DSLR buyers who didn't know how to make the most out of them. She is passionate in what she's doing and has lots of ideas. Among her classes you can count NightTime Street Photography and Sunsets and Sunrises. She is patient in advising every student, making suggestions and is eager to talk to you about photography in general. Classes are usually twice a week, on Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons. To find out about upcoming classes you can contact Elspeth at [email protected] or visit her website. If you don't have a camera or tripod you can rent them. Once you get in touch with her, you can discuss different times and options for classes as she is open and approachable.

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