Peter's Yard Stockbridge

Peter's Yard Stockbridge


Posted 2013-09-16 by Lindsay Lawfollow
I've been a regular visitor to Peter's Yard for takeaway ice cream since it opened a few years ago, but I've never stopped in for something more substantial. That's not for want of trying, testament to its popularity is the fact that I've never been able to get a table.

This Saturday was no different. However, we didn't let that deter us. Instead, we decided to take advantage of the dying remnants of summer, take away some food, and enjoy it in the sun.

Peter's Yard has a larger premises up near the University, with a pleasant outlook over the Meadows. The one in Stockbrige is a little more bijou, with only four or five tables inside, but the food is just as inviting.

Their heritage is Scandinavian, and their first business venture grew out of a very simple question: why can't we, in the 21st century, produce decent bread?

Now, a few years later, the answer is equally as simple: they can. I had the pleasure of trying a cheddar cheese and chutney on a gloriously nutty-tasting rye bread. My husband, to the great delight of my Dr. Seuss-loving children, had green eggs and ham on their signature sour dough loaf.

I had hankered after trying the sour dough pizza. I have, literally, heard about 15 people walk past the shop and mention it to their companion, but given we were pressed for time I had to pass. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with what I chose instead. The chutney was sweet, the cheddar tangy, and a leaf of fresh lettuce added a wholesome green flavour.

The girls, who were dashing off to a dance class, had to make do with ice cream instead of a full meal, but they weren't complaining. The staff of Peter's Yard are always welcoming to the little people, and offer little tasting samples of the flavours that they are unsure of. In this case it was a seasonal elderflower sorbet. I thought it was delicious - really refreshing - but the girls weren't convinced. The ice cream selection changes through the year but there are some favourites that are perennially available like mango sorbet, and vanilla, speckled through with seeds.

This time my two went for one scoop of mango each (there has never been a time when we've stopped off there that they haven't had it, so a recommendation there for you) and one had lemon sorbet, the other chocolate and hazelnut.

I can say, with no reservation or exaggeration, that each of those were the finest examples of those flavours I have had. The lemon sorbet tasted like mouthfuls of frozen, homemade lemonade, filled with little shreds of lemon rind. The chocolate was mellow and off-set so well by chunks of hazelnut.

I feel like I've barely begun to describe the deliciousness on offer at Peter's Yard, but have a look at the pictures - stacks of homemade artisan bread - and go along and try it for yourself.

In this day and age of pre-sliced, packaged blandness that passes for bread or pizza, Peter's Yard is a welcome, old-fashioned oasis of artisan flavours, colours and textures.

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