Peter's Yard Cafe, Quartermile

Peter's Yard Cafe, Quartermile


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Peter's Yard is an artisan Swedish bakery, situated on Quartermile along meadow walk, just opposite the meadows. It's a bakery/cafe full of character and really is far more than just your average coffee shop. My mum makes a point to stop here every time she visits Edinburgh, and I really don't blame her. The food is all handmade in the bakery on site and full of unique goods crammed full of authentic Swedish flavours.

As far as variety goes- you're truly spoilt for choice. You can opt for classic drinks, or the slightly more unusual options, such as the cardamom hot chocolate- a combination of sweet and spice I certainly hadn't considered before ordering- but it's definitely one to look out for. If you fancy something to eat you can go for a slice of Palsternackskaka (parsnip cake), or a kanelbulle (cinnamon cake), or even a kardemummabulle (cardamom cake), all of which I can wholeheartedly recommend.

I decided to pay the cafe a visit in the morning, to see if they had any special breakfast options, and was certainly not disappointed. Alongside the option of freshly squeezed orange juice, you can purchase a variety of 'breakfast trays'. Being a vegetarian, I went for the 'sweet' version of these, and was presented with a whole array of food. The tray included; a small pot of yoghurt and granola, a pot of fresh fruit, a glass of fresh orange juice, two varieties of bread (a hearty loaf slice and crisp flatbread), alongside cheese, butter, a pot of jam and a hearty wad of rocket. This amount is understandably hard to visualise, and so I have included a photo of this feast. The alternative option switches the jam for ham.

Visiting in the morning is also particularly pleasant, as the majority of walls within the building are glass, allowing you to see all areas of outside and watch the hustle and bustle go by as you daydream. It's also a particularly bright cafe, as natural light streams in, making sitting indoors always a good option. However, if it's a nice day, it's equally pleasant to sit outside, where you can grab a blanket from indoors to cover yourself with to keep the chill out if needed- which is something truly unique about this venue.

However, it all comes at a cost. The key downside to this venue is the pricing- which can set you back anywhere from £3-12 an item (with the breakfast trays at the latter end of that scale). For this reason it certainly isn't a student destination- but as an occasional coffee stop or a treat for lunch? It's second to none.

Pros: Authentic swedish flavours, charming cafe, central location
Cons: Rather expensive

But don't just take my word for it, visit their website: Peter's Yard

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