Peter Pan at Malvern Theatres - Review

Peter Pan at Malvern Theatres - Review


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Fri 10 Dec 2021 - Sun 02 Jan 2022

Pantomimes are back, oh yes they are! So warm up those lungs and clap those hands together for some fishy jokes and tunes that will make your teeth itch as panto is back for Christmas.

After a year off due to Covid, Peter Pan is this year's spirited festive offering at Malvern Theatres.

In a slight change to the norm, this version centres around Wendy's great-granddaughter Emily Darling(Jenny Huxley-Golden) as she stops taking selfies long enough to join a wobbly roller skating Tinker Bell (Rebecca Stenhouse).

They are on an adventure to Neverland with the not-so-young Peter Pan, played by Lloyd Warbey - but will Tinker Bell manage to stay upright?

Dastardly Captain Hook is brought to life by Emmerdale's Tom Lister. Hook is back and up to his old tricks taking control away from Captain Smee (Mark James) aboard the gravy boat.

He dons tight lycra to keep ahead of the Tic Toc Croc on the Poop Deck. There's a lot of tongue in cheek in the script which helps make Lister a fabulous baddie, with a penchant for planks.

While there are gags aplenty and it's pretty cheesy, no expense has been spared on this extravaganza. It's full of pyrotechnics, fairy dust and a singing mermaid. She is played by Natalie Hollingworth, who is shimmering through dry ice.

Then there's the wonderful acrobatics from pirates Jack Robbins, Andy Rothwell and Ben Tanner.

The props are second to none with subtle flying wires up to an inescapable cage. There's also bright and tight spandex galore from Elizabeth Dennis.

Let's forget about what parties are being planned for this Christmas at Downing Street and just scream out "He's behind you" til you're blue in the face and get into the jovial spirit of panto with a wiggle here and some somersaults there. It's a welcome return to Peter Pan.

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Peter Pan will be flying across the Malvern Hills and entertaining the masses at Malvern Festival Theatre until Sunday January 2, 2022. Tickets are available from the Box Office on 01684 892277 or online at

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