Personal Training in London

Personal Training in London


Posted 2012-02-14 by Cat Walshfollow
Are you debating whether it would be best to kick-start your day with a work out, or whether you should pop into the gym on your way home?

Well, there are pros and cons to both options - and obviously the first thing you should consider is when you are likely to feel most motivated. Are you an early bird or a night owl? And would the effort to get up earlier feel more of a burden than an extra hour tacked on to the end of your day?

Exercising in the morning does raise your metabolic rate, helping to fight fatigue and keeping you going for several hours into the day. It will also give you a rush of endorphins that will help improve your mood and may even improve your productivity at work!

As well as having less likelihood of having your fitness regime interupted by events that happen throughout the day, (like that sneaky pint that turns into three...), you will usually find that the quality of your sleep improves as well.

If you would like to train in the mornings, you should contact Chris Sweet. A freelance Personal Trainer available for clients anywhere between Roehampton and Battersea, he is primarily based in two West London gyms, but is also available if you'd like to get fit outdoors. For more information, call 07772 133441.

However, if you think that rising early is just too big a push, there are always advantages to training in the evenings. Your performance may be better as physical strength is naturally at a peak later in the day, and there is slightly less likelihood of physical injury as your muscles have naturally warmed up during the day.

If you suffer from insomnia, this may improve if you tire yourself out with a work out. You are also more prone to burning off calories in your sleep if you raise your metabolic rate just before bed, and your dreams may be better if you've burnt off the stress of the day!

If you think you would rather train in the evenings, get in touch with Paul May on 07595 740716. Available mainly in South West London and Middlesex, for more details please give him a call.

Whatever you decide is best for you, there is always the added bonus that you are likely to meet like minded people in the gym at the time of your choice, and you will be achieving something tangible as well. Good luck!

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