Coffee Ground Cafe at Percy Thrower's

Coffee Ground Cafe at Percy Thrower's


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Like most other people of a certain age in the UK, I've heard of Percy Thrower. I'm too young to have watched him in TV, I'd like to add, but I'm still aware of his legendary status. So, it was with much glee that, when driving through Shropshire, I noticed a sign for a new garden centre bearing his name. I love a garden centre, so I screeched off the motorway and dragged hubby along for our favourite past time; coffee and cake.

Now, when I say I love a garden centre, what I actually mean is that I love looking at candles and drinking tea. I don't actually like buying garden stuff. I do, however, love to browse and see what other people buy, you know, just in case I ever need to get involved in all that stuff.

Anyway, the garden centre itself is HUGE and, as I can only imagine, makes the gardeners of Shropshire in England incredibly happy. It was their coffee shop that did the same for me.

Coffee Ground is a typical garden centre coffee shop, and by that I mean, good for people watching. Also: really good for coffee and cake. It's also pretty well located, just a short distance from the motorway, so gives you an extra excuse (like you need it...) to take a break from driving and over indulge.

The Cafe is clearly fairly new and still has that shiny and polished appearance, with massive picture windows on one side and the clothing section on the other. I realise I'm probably not selling it all that well but, although it's situated in the middle of a busy garden centre, it somehow manages to retain an air of intimacy in amongst everything else. All in all, it's a really cosy little space.

My husband, as ever, orders a pot of tea and some cake. It's like he literally can't get through a day without it. On this occasion, he was almost beside himself with joy at the prospect of lemon meringue rocky road and, to be honest, I wasn't that far behind him. In the name of research, obviously, we had to try it out and then promise to walk it all off when we reached Birmingham later that day*.

Percy Thrower's Garden Centre is located on Thrower Road (where else?) just outside beautiful Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

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