Paulo Gianni's Italian Restaurant

Paulo Gianni's Italian Restaurant


Posted 2013-04-11 by Daniellefollow
"Paulo Giannis Italian Restaurants and Sphere Bar are very stylish contemporary venues located in the South Lakes and Lancashire."

When entering this quaint Italian restaurant hidden away in the heart of Lancaster, you get a sense of happiness and love from all the warming smells and friendly faces of the staff. After visiting Paulo Gianni's last week for a family member's 40th, the staff could not have been more accommodating and prompt with our food orders.

I had heard great reviews about this restaurant before, and it is a very famous restaurant in Lancaster; however it is not a place that I have ever wanted to go myself. I always thought "it's only an Italian, how good can it be?" But how wrong I was! The menu offers such a selection of hearty food and there will be something suite everyone's tastes. From duck to your classic margarita pizza, Paulo Gianni's has it all.

Furthermore the meal prices are a little on the higher side, but for the quantity and quality, it is well worth it. I had simple spaghetti bolognaise, as I wanted to stick with the tried and tested to make sure I had a meal that I knew I was going to enjoy. But the creamy taste, thick texture and quantity really surprised me and I would definitely try a meal of their menu that was a little bit more challenging to make, as they have shown me they have got the skills.

Paulo Gianni's is a very stylish and contemporary venue, which offers a warm and inviting environment with well-presented and hearty meals. But it doesn't stop there. This restaurant doesn't only serve a great selection of food, but also has its own bar, holding a great selection of wine, spirits and unique cocktails. My favourite had to be 'Johnny's sex on the beach' which was a nice twist on the original. You could simply have a nice meal and roll through to the bar area where you will find a DJ, nibbles and a friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.

As we were having a birthday party at this venue, we needed somewhere that would hold a lot of people and have a friendly atmosphere and Paulo Gianni's delivered this to the highest standard. They made sure they had our orders in plenty of time, to ensure all our meals came out at the same time. This showed me that this restaurant was equipped for all events and will make sure you have a great time and service.

I would really recommend this restaurant to all who enjoy their food and want a good night. There is one restaurant in Kendal and one in Lancaster (which was the one I visited). So if you are near the south lakes/ Lancashire, be sure not to give this brilliant restaurant a miss.

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