Papi's Pickles's South Indian Sundays

Papi's Pickles's South Indian Sundays


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Fri 12 Sep 2014 - Sun 02 Nov 2014

Imagine a corner shop where the products you buy are not overpriced mega brands, but homegrown and locally made by artisans; a corner shop focussed on sustainability, and bringing you preserves such as damson jam made with fruit from the park, and honey made by South London bees; a corner shop that not only sells food, but cooks it too. What kind of corner shop would that be? You might call it a Cornercopia , and you can find it at. Brixton Village Market.

The small corner shop come restaurant supports its neighbourhood, by stocking the produce of local growers from Brixton Market and around the area. It is also chance for pop-up businesses to come and cook at their venue to provide delicious meals.

Every Sunday from the 14th September - 2nd November, Cornercopia will be the home of Papi's Pickles . Papi's Pickles is a social enterprise that works with unemployed South Indians and Sri Lankans to provide a fairer food system for all. The company celebrate the rich history and flavours of South Indian food by home cooking seasonal, fresh, organic, and Fairtrade produce. Pickles are an integral part of South Indian cuisine, and they create their own pickles priced £3.50 - £5.

During their stay at Cornercopia, they will be putting on a special menu that celebrate three different South Indian festivals. These include Navaratri, Kathikai, Deepavali.

Navarti means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, and it is a festival celebrating the godesses Druga (courage), Lakshimi (wealth), and Sariswathi (knowledge).

Kathikai is the oldest festival celebrated by the Tamil people, and is a festival of light. Lamps are lit on porch doors to ward away evil spirits.

Deepavali celebrates the defeat of the demon king, Narakasura by Lord Krishna, and is one of the most important festivals on the calendar.

There will be a breakfast and brunch menu for each festival, with meals costing between £6.50 - £10, and include dishes such as Indian pancakes, crepes,and steamed rice. Seating times are 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, and should be booked in advance.

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