One Day in London

One Day in London


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Samuel Johnson once wrote "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." I couldn't agree more!

I absolutely love London, and I think it's one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. So when my wife told me she wanted to spend a weekend there, we packed our stuff, left our flat in Paris and drove all the way through the tunnel to the Big Smoke.

After a pretty short drive, we reached the Royal Borough of Westminster, where we had booked an Airbnb apartment. It was so nice to see Big Ben again!

London was as beautiful as ever, and the weather was particularly sunny and warm that weekend. It was actually the hottest it had been since 1976!

The first thing we had to do was find a parking space, as our Airbnb flat didn't have one. You can look for inexpensive parking spaces owned by individuals or businesses and book them for a day, a weekend or even a month! It's a very useful service in a city where parking cheaply is nearly impossible.

We parked close to our flat, left our backpacks in the bedroom, and decided to go for a walk straight away. I was so happy to see Westminster Abbey again. I love the wonderful history and culture in this area.

We continued walking towards St James Park. What a gorgeous place! It was packed with tourists, and there were cute ducks with their ducklings everywhere. They're not afraid of people and don't mind eating a peanut or two from your hand if you give them one, although it's not a good idea because they eat too much!

We stumbled upon a beautiful pub, the Westminster Arms , and decided to have our lunch there.

It was a very nice, cosy place, and we had delicious fish and chips. Once we finished our pints of "London Pride" beer, we resumed our stroll towards Picadilly Street. We took pictures of the St James Palace, a small castle built by Henri the VIIIth in the 16th century, and visited Fortnum and Mason , one of the nicest food stores I've ever seen! I have no words to describe how delicious their scones are!

Afterwards, we walked on New Bond Street, an area dedicated to luxury shopping, and then we ended up on Oxford Street. The buzz was incredible!

There were so many people everywhere... London felt busier than New York City and Paris combined! My wife and I had promised that we wouldn't be spending too much money, but we couldn't resist buying a few jeans in Debenhams and delicious cookies, cakes and wine in Whole Foods.

Finally, we walked all the way to Picadilly Circus, took one thousand pictures, and decided to have diner at The Criterion, a wonderfully beautiful restaurant with a Byzantine decor. This is the place where Sherlock Holmes meets Dr. Watson for the first time In Arthur Conan Doyle's stories!

We had nice streak frites, red wine and gorgeous creme brulee, then rode back home in a taxi and finally had a good night sleep.

We were a little bit sad to leave London the next morning because it was so amazing… But we know we'll be back!

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