The Old Hardware Shop - Vegan Cafe

The Old Hardware Shop - Vegan Cafe


Posted 2020-02-23 by Faye Louise Grahamfollow
The Old Hardware Shop is a little slice of vegan paradise.

As the name suggests, the place got its title from its former dwelling as an independent hardware shop. Its presence now as a kitsch and cosy cafe adds yet more personality to the quaint charm of Liverpool's iconic Woolton Village.

Offering walk-ins only, this quirky antique-inspired hideaway is the perfect spot for frittering away an afternoon. As a family run business, staff are pleasantly attentive, and you'll always find friendly faces here! As self-professed animal lovers, the owners themselves are passionate about veganism and more than happy to answer any burning questions you might have when it comes to dietary requirements.

For a small venue, the menu is impressively vast and well thought out. You won't find token (and let's face it, often boring) vegan options put here out of necessity (as is sometimes the case with other vegan-themed places on the scene.)

If you're unsure of anything, you can view their full menu here - it's teaming with delicious vegan treats!

From all-day breakfasts and lunchtime classics including salads and paninis to fast food favourites like hotdogs and pizza, they really have it all. But despite everything being vegan (even down to the condiments) there's no compromising on flavour, with plenty of meaty inspired options on offer (BLT or spicy meatball sub, anyone?)

Committing to a vegan lifestyle in the UK can come with its challenges, and if you're familiar, you'll know that some products are really hard to come by. But The Old Hardware Shop makes sure there's no scrimping or denying yourself what you want here! Safe to say, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Even their drink selection is on point. The vegan milkshakes were a delightful highlight, complete with vegan whipped cream and mini marshmallows (enough to leave any regular dairy milkshake quaking in its boots, in my opinion!)

So, with so much on offer food-wise, as a first-timer what should you order?

When in Rome...I say fork out and get the vegan equivalent of a full English! Although not vegan myself, I was pleasantly surprised with the 'house breakfast' and rounded off the order with a side of hash browns (cooked to perfection in case you were wondering.)

If you're not feeling the main menu, to can turn to their hearty drink and cake selection instead, or check out their weekly specials board which often features classics and warming homemade soups.

It's well worth noting that kids and four-legged friends are welcome here too, the menu features a more than reasonably priced 'kids corner' full of yummy staples. They even sell vegan doggy treats if you want to treat the little furball in your life!

Everything's reasonably priced, with a main never costing you over £10. Head to the till to pay and you'll even find that they stock the most obscure and hard to find vegan snacks on tap.

As a small independent it's worth noting that they are a cash-only establishment, however, there's a local supermarket nearby with plenty of cash machines, (so it's not too much of an inconvenience.)

Boasting a warm community feel, whether you're vegan or otherwise, you're in for a treat at the Old Hardware Shop.

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