OK Diner, Cannock

OK Diner, Cannock


Posted 2021-08-22 by Shikainah Champion-Samuelfollow
During our recent trip to Alton Towers, we stumbled across OK Diner- a retro American restaurant chain.
Being based in the South of England, I had never heard of this chain which have around 8 such restaurants dotted all over the Northern half of the country.

We had a typical American breakfast there. It was a thoroughly satisfying experience! Between the four of us, we ordered a Yankee Doodle Dandy (two eggs sunny-side up, crispy streaky bacon and hash browns served with pancakes and pancake syrup on the side), Chicken & bacon waffle (A crispy coated chicken breast and streaky bacon rashers served with a warm Belgian waffle and syrup on the side), Brioche French toast (two griddled slices of brioche French toast dusted with powdered sugar and served with fresh strawberries and pancake syrup on the side) and a pancake stack (self-explanatory!). The last one came with the Stars & Stripes atop the stack- a conquest of some sorts!

While the others went for traditional orange juices and coffee, I had to have a Coke Float - just seemed so not British!

The prices ranged from £5.40 to £7.65. So, not really cheap like your typical local cafe which does all day breakfasts for a fiver. However, having said that, since we were on holiday and this seemed something quite different, we were happy to indulge a bit.

The taste didn't disappoint at all! Every item was cooked to perfection and an absolute delight, replete with a Louisiana extra hot chilli sauce that is specially made in the USA. The staff were very friendly and the decor inside was a 1950s American theme. My 13-year old made this amusing observation that this was so typically American that if it was a movie, this would be exactly where an inevitably single mom would be working hard as a waitress to pay the bills!

They do a 10% NHS discount and also operate a loyalty card scheme. I took advantage of the former. We were unanimous that it was a lovely experience (albeit not one which should be done too often, in the interests of good health!). Being put in such a good mood, we were inclined to leave a generous tip! So, the next time you are up North, why not try OK Diner. It's more than OK!

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