Buy Local Produce at O'Connell's Florist and Fruiterer

Buy Local Produce at O'Connell's Florist and Fruiterer


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Wednesbury might not seem like an active farming town, but that's precisely why you should stop by - you don't get the best deals by shopping in the same place after all...

At the top of the High Street is O'Connell's Florist and Fruiterer. Half of the shop is a florist, but the other half is a local produce haven. They have a grower who plants the necessary seeds in a local allotment, and gives his patch of soil the TLC needed to produce exceptional fruit and vegetables packed with unbeatable, natural flavour.

That's the difference between local, organic produce and shop bought. Local means the cabbage in the vegetable box was probably picked this morning, and the green beans that look a little dirty are fresh from the soil.

So what do they sell? 95% of their produce is local, and they grow organic wherever possible. Their local and organic produce includes: apples, pears, plums (Victoria), peaches, lemons.
carrots, cabbage, broccoli, peas, green beans, rhubarb, beetroot (juicy round bulbs), spinach, and lettuce.

It's not just that they stock these items. They have different varieties that make them special: the purple green beans change colour when you boil them and turn from a purple spotted bean to 'regular' green beans. The plums are also Victoria plums – a rare find, which are so plump and juicy it's a wonder you are able to carry them home. Around October too they stock pumpkins – all different varieties, orange, green, large and small to keep with the festivities.

They also sell fresh, local farmers' eggs. O'Connell's is an absolute gem considering a few yards opposite there's stiff competition from another fresh fruit and vegetable store – but their stuff has flown miles from Spain and Kenya. No thanks.

It's not just that they sell local familiar favourites. If you ask nicely Sue will 'order in' whichever vegetable/fruit you like – within reason. Bananas do not grow so well in the UK so make it a weather-permitting, seasonal choice.

Find them at the top of the High Street almost opposite the Eat Well Café and see if you can find joy in their produce to make eating your '5-a-day' a little more enjoyable.

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