Nibbles Pizza

Nibbles Pizza


Posted 2016-12-11 by Cameronfollow

If somebody were to ask me what my favourite food was, I'd struggle for an answer for a while, (maybe a few minutes), and then I'd excitedly reply that it's pizza. It may be a boring or predictable answer; why not some fancy oriental dish or a rare delicacy that I could eat maybe once in a lifetime?

Pizza for me is just one of those undeniable facts of life. It has about a billion different possible toppings but - if you're like me - you could eat even a well cooked plain cheese pizza and be satisfied. (Of course I wouldn't choose to, I just could.) So why is this important?

Well, it helps to illustrate my opinion on Nibbles pizzeria when I say that they consistently make the best-tasting pizzas I've ever had. They're cooked to perfection and stone baked giving their base and crust that really tasty, crispy texture you expect from Italian pizzas. The ingredients are high quality as well and they seriously do not scrimp out on those - if you order a pizza that says it has any kind of meat or vegetables - expect there to be plenty.

The pricing is awesome too. Although it would be cheaper buying a pizza from your ASDA or Tesco, everybody knows takeaway tastes better. If you're collecting your pizza and pay over £11.50, you get a free complementary garlic bread which we always opt for - personally the cheesy garlic bread goes down a treat and you're looking at £5-6 for a medium, 10 inch pizza or £12 for a large 14 inch so you aren't stretching to get over that £11.50 margin, unlike most chain stores which force you to, such as Dominos.

I have two recommendations for anyone planning on trying out this awesome pizzeria - first of which is my favourite;

Meat Feast: Pure and simple, this pizza comes with ham, pepperoni, chicken, beef and bacon but the real highlight of this is the beef. You get quite large meatball type chunks of beef which are mixed with spices. I couldn't tell you what they are but they taste quite incredibly good.

Chefs Special: For those who prefer a little more vegetables on their pizza, this is definitely the one for you. Coming with mushrooms, green peppers, ham, pepperoni and olives, this one seems to be the most popular pizza at the store. I personally prefer the meat feast, but it really is based on preference.

So if you're just visiting Sheffield or have simply never tried this place, give it a chance! You won't be disappointed.

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