NFL @ Wembley 2013

NFL @ Wembley 2013


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Sun 27 Oct 2013

Rugby is one of Britain's best sports. After Cricket, it is probably England's notable games. 'Rugger' was the well established norm for middle-class college and university lads in the early 20th century, and now in the 21st century it is as popular as ever. As we speak, my mum is sitting in front of the telly watching the start of the Six Nations with fists clenched, squeezing her vast collection of teddy bears to an inch of their life as each kick makes her as tense as a stretched rubber band.

In the US, American Football is the equivalent game, with the players wearing helmets, and shoulder pads that a Margaret Thatcher would have been proud of. In American Football, the Superbowl is the tournament of the year; it is probably the most awaited sporting event in the USA, and is so popular that it is classified as an unofficial holiday.

Until recent years, British fans have had to settle for watching the game on television at unholy hours, but now they can see it live at Wembley Stadium. This autumn look out for two thrilling National Football League matches taking place in the capital city.

On the 29th September you will be able to see the Minnesota Vikings versus the Pittsburgh Steelers . It is a chance to see Viking, Adrian Peterson, the greatest running back in league history. Last season he beat the world record for the longest rush, reaching 2097 yards.

Then on the 27th October, see the Jacksonville Jaguars versus the San Francisco 49ers . It will be the Jaguars's first of four games at Wembley Stadium between 2013-2016, and they have some tough competition. The 49ers are one of the most successful football teams in the NFL, with a strong defensive list of backliners, including Patrick Willis, Na Vorro Bowman, Aldon Smith, and Almad Brooks.

Standard tickets are between £56-£238, but you can also buy hospitality seats for £329 per game or £599 for the season.

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