The National History Museum

The National History Museum


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has been a popular tourist destination in London since its opening. With free entry for all people at any time, this museum offers a day out for those at no expense. I decided to visit this famous museum of London to test its popularity for myself.

Based in Kensington, the location of the Museum is in a beautiful area, with plenty of lovely coffee shops and places for lunch surrounding the museum amongst the houses and residential areas. Although there isn't much else to see tourist wise around the museum, there is Sloanne Square a short tube away, home of the Saatchi Gallery.

As entry is free, there was a short queue, but it went down fairly rapidly as there were no tickets to be bought, and we queued for no more than 10 minutes before we were inside. Once you get inside, the museum is clearly divided into 'categories', including Human Biology, Marine Life, Creepy Crawlies and Dinosaurs all signed and allocated on one of their several floors. If you're quite restricted for time, making use of the signs are a great way to prioritise your day and visit what you desire most first.

One thing that struck me most about the museum was how interactive and learner friendly is was. Throughout the Museum there are games, challenges and sensory experiences for kids and adults alike to get involved in. Their natural disaster section even features a hydraulic space which moves, designed to make you feel what it's truly like to be involved in a natural disaster, whilst their human biology section features interactive illusions aimed to trick your brain.

One of the Museum's main features is in the main hall in the centre of the Museum, where suspended from the ceiling are a full life sized collection of dinosaur bones. Unfortunately, the dinosaur bones were taken down when I visited, as we were told the dinosaur was 'on tour' in another location. However, they did have an impressive life sized blue whale instead, which I'm sure looked just as impressive.

The museum doesn't just offer indoor fun, with an outdoor garden space and grass area, kids can wander outside for fresh air or even a picnic. With a range of special events too including cinema nights and exclusive activities or shows, it's a good idea to keep a look out for these prior to visiting by visiting their website

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