Naked Naan Indian Eatery

Naked Naan Indian Eatery


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Just the other week, I was walking along Uxbridge high street with my head down and battling the cold on my way to grab a sandwich at lunchtime. Out of the corner of my eye I spied someone handing out free samples outside a new shop called Naked Naan. I could see the steam rising and quickly popped one in my mouth, ready to move on to my usual sandwich eatery. It's a good thing they were trialling samples as it stopped me in my tracks with a delicious flavour hit. I had discovered Naked Naan, a pop up shop with one single focus.

The Naked Naan doesn't mess around trying to do a bit of everything. Instead they perfect a naan with tasty fillings. Speaking to the owner, they told me that the word naan is Farsi (ancient Persian) and means naked as it was baked uncovered.

Forget the thick dry naan bread you might pick up at your local supermarket, these are very different. They are free from preservatives, additives and made with natural ingredients. They are thinner than you might be used to and perfect to fill.

Your naked naan is made from scratch with each order but this is the ultimate fast food, it's prepare quickly in front of you which just adds to the anticipation. A ball of bread is quickly flattened out (a little like they do at a pizza place) and then your choice of filling is added. The bread is folded over and then popped on a hot flat plate which revolves around through an oven. Finally you are presented with a steamy hot and tasty treat.

There's a choice of three savoury and three sweet fillings. I had the aloo vegetarian potato the first time as this is what I had tried in the street. I've since been back and can also recommend the kema (lamb). The fillings are not fire hot spicey, just packed with flavour. Next on my list to try is the sweet nutella version.

I was really inspired to write a review on Naked Naan and this gets my thumbs up for a lunchtime treat. They're open to 8:30pm during the week too and would make a great bite if you get stuck in work late.

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