Mystery Tea House Shop

Mystery Tea House Shop


Posted 2013-02-02 by Daniellefollow

The Mystery Tea House is a quaint little cafe on one of the side streets of Preston. When this small place first started off it did not get much customers, as it was hidden away and it struggled to find its feet for a while. But gradually, by word of mouth, this lovely cafe started to pick up.

The Mystery Tea House is now a thriving cafe full of life and 'mystery'. It is always full of happy and friendly people who are there to have a nice relaxing time and catch up with friends.

It has an African theme running through its design, with orange and yellow walls and prints of tribal warriors, but the quirkiness of this little cafe doesn't stop there. Depending on the tea you choose to have here, you will get a different tea pot and cup to suit that type of tea. So if the tea was Chinese, you may get a tea pot that has Chinese writing on the side of the cup etc. This idea really added spice to this cafe for me and really made me want to go back again.

I have now been to this beautiful little cafe more than a dozen times and after trying numerous types of tea I have now found one that suits me. This tea is called the feng shui and it is a mixture of green and white tea, vanilla, strawberry and orange. It's just such a lovely mixture of flavours that really tantalise my tastes buds.

However all my friends get a different tea and that is something that this cafe does well. There will all ways be something to suit your taste - even if that is not tea and is a latte; the Mystery Tea House caters for all.

The different teas:
%%Black Tea
Green Tea
Jasmine Tea
White tea
Blooming Tea
Pu-erh Tea
Oolong Tea
Roiboos / Red Bush Tea
Dry Flowers %%

Within each of these areas of teas, there are a range of designed teas, but there are so many it would be impossible to put them all here.

Why not visit their website to look at the various teas and see if the Mystery Tea House is right for you.

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