Mysteries of Covent Garden

Mysteries of Covent Garden


Posted 2014-07-13 by Vividfollow
It's located just outside the main hustle and bustle of London's famed shopping district, Covent Garden, but there's nothing low-key about Mysteries. It's got the reputation for being the world's most famous New Age bookshop and supplies store, so it's quite the pilgrimage for any visitor to London interested in the esoteric arts.

With a constant supply of psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers, rune casters and mediums working just above the store down some tiny, narrow corridors, Mysteries is also the go-to place for anyone wanting to know the outcome of their love life, communicate with deceased loved ones, or scry for lost items.

If you are going to head upstairs for a reading, you will be shown a chart of the diviners with a brief spiel and a photo. You could either choose one through pot luck and hope for the best, read their spiritual CV and make an educated decision, or, what the hey, use a crystal or a pendulum to guide your hand to the psychic that is best for you. It's 45 quid for a half hour, or 80 quid for the full hour, so choose carefully and go in with some questions ready.

It's quite a fun place to visit. The place is jam-packed full of crystals, wands, tarot cards, incense, and just about anything that looks like it belongs in an episode of Charmed. And if you're feeling the need to expand your horizons with workshops in everything from past life regression to meditation to reiki, well, you've hit the mystic jackpot.

Quite fun is the auric camera, which claims to be able to produce an image of you surrounded by the colours of your auric field. There are dozens of interpretations, but just a couple include that those with orange auras are thrill-seekers and creative, while those with blue are caring, sensitive and peaceful souls.

And who knows? Maybe you'll find more than you bargained for in this little shop of wonders.

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