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Posted 2016-11-04 by Despinafollow
What if I told you classical music can be fun? Probably this possibility never occurred to you because of a common misconception. We tend to think that classical concert-goers are boring and serious (in a bad way).

However, the events of are approachable and affordable. So, get your frown off and have some fun. The team of '' is touring all over the UK. You can attend for £5 pounds if you are under 35 or for £15-20 pounds if you are not. The quality of the performance is excellent as the artists are amazing musicians and also passionate and inspiring people.

It is a fact that classical music performance, usually, creates a sense of awe rather than enhancing a happy-chappy mood of having fun. That happens probably because the concerts of classical music are held in huge concert halls. As a result, we feel kind of detached from the performance. But what if music was in the round?

'' 's concerts are held in a particularly cosy environment; in a rounded room (in the Crucible Theatre , where their events are usually held in Sheffield. In this room you will be able to see what is happening on-stage and you will feel as if you were part of the concert. As soon as the concert finishes you will have the opportunity to talk with the artists. The intimate design of the room also enhances a sense of community and creates connection among the participants.

There is a great variety of events. You can, of course, attend usual musical performances and listen to the music of great composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Mendelson etc. There are, as well, absolutely amazing, out-of-the-box approaches to music that combine theatre and musical performance.

Finally, there are events designed for families; these events are usually narrative-based stories accompanied by music. The family-events also aim to teach the children a little bit about musical instruments and classical music.

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