Mugdock Country Park and Castle

Mugdock Country Park and Castle


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You don't have to go far from Glasgow to discover some of the region's beautiful nature and historical joys. sit less than 10 miles from the centre of Glasgow, yet this gorgeous country spot is quiet on your average weekend.

The park and castle ruins are an absolutely perfect place to bring the kids, or to bring your inner child. This castle has over 600 years of history, and the plaques around give you information to help you recreate it in your head. What was this place like 600 years ago? Then 300 years ago?

What were their lives like? What did they do? What did they eat? Stand in the old kitchen, take in the view, and wonder.

To get to the castle from the visitor's centre, you have to walk through the park and around the loch. There are many walks around the area, and so much to explore.

The scenery you'll see around this area is diverse and beautiful. Not being locals ourselves, we just loved the variety here. We admired the trees as we walked, then suddenly we found ourselves in the moors, just another part of this enormous estate.

Climbing on the ruins of the castle is somewhat frowned upon, but never fear – there are places to play and climb as well.

While the kids play, the adults can admire the miniature castle next to the play area. I mean really, even the visitor's centre is atmospheric here!

There's more here than just a castle to explore – Mugdock Park is a community hub, and at the visitor's centre, you'll find information about local happenings, movie nights, markets and other events. You can hire bikes if you'd prefer to explore the park by wheel, and admire local handcrafts as well.

Since you've made the half-hour trek from town, you might as well enjoy some refreshment, and a sit down while the kids play.

At the coffee shop, you can learn about Charlie, the elephant who once lived in the park, as well as finding out about any local performances happening at the theatre inside.

If you feel like a meal, check out the garden centre and its restaurant. Come away with a full belly and maybe something for your garden!

There's so much to discover at . Make sure you go for one of the many walks around the grounds to see just how much this local gem has to offer.

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