Mr B's Emporium Bookshop

Mr B's Emporium Bookshop


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[SECTION]A place of beautiful books[/SECTION]

Mr B's bookshop is nestled behind the bustling heart of the Georgian city of Bath, and is a wonderful place. I have never heard or seen anybody talking about Mr B's without either a big grin or an excited nod. Spread over two floors and across two townhouses, it offers beautiful and tantalising books for readers of any and all ages. It is also a place where time passes very quickly, so put aside at least an hour to experience this place.

There are all manner of reading areas, bookshelves offering different genres and collections of literature to peruse, and this special place has a truly easygoing and open atmosphere. Every member of staff there is an impassioned reader themselves, and all contribute to choosing and discussing the treasures on display. Despite being the shyest of bookworms myself, I always feel happy to have a chat with the staff or other book-seekers. With an in house publishing house and a 'Writers in Residence' area, there is also a palpable sense of creativity to this place.

[SECTION]A place for all readers, from tender minds to wiser souls[/SECTION]
A real hidden gem in this wonderful place is the Children's section. A vibrant and welcoming space complete with reading benches and book trees lures young readers in and gives them a place to call their own. The range of titles on offer is mesmerising and gives little ones a place to seek out and enjoy reading experiences. Specked through the shop are also beautiful ranges of notebooks, stationery and poetry collections, leading into the children's cave of wonders.

[SECTION]Playful places to kick back and relax.[/SECTION]

Placing readers with books that they will enjoy is at the heart of what Mr B's do, and the epicentre of this is the Bibliotherapy area upstairs. Whether a gift for others or an indulgent pampering for yourself, you can take out a 'Reading Subscription' with the shop. I was given one last year, and the first step is to sit down with an inspiring 'Bibliotherapist' who works at the shop, where you discuss what you enjoy reading, and might like to discover. You are then sent a hand-wrapped and carefully selected book every month for the duration of your subscription.

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Just being within the walls of this place makes me feel better, and reminds me of how deeply I love to read. The entire place is like a love letter to reading. Even over the phone the staff are wonderful and are always happy to recommend a title or new author to discover. I've even emailed the shop to ask them for recommendations for presents, and they have been right on every time.

There is always soothing music piping around the shelves, flowing from a record player at the tills. Like everything else the current playlist is shared with visitors and makes this place an even more enjoyable place to visit.

[SECTION]A place full of gifts that keep on giving[/SECTION]

The reading subscription can be set up in person or online, so this experience is open to all book lovers. I am the proud recipient of one, and am eight books into eleven. Receiving my mystery book at the start of each month, sealed lovingly in brown paper and sealing wax is a genuine pleasure. Even though I have no need to, I always pop into Mr B's once a month. I think that this is the real test of any special place. If it lures you back in your spare time, alone or with others, then it is the right place to be.

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