Mowgli - Indian Street Food

Mowgli - Indian Street Food


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Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have likely heard of Mowgli street food. Mowgli popped onto the scene in 2014 offering a taste of authentic Indian cuisine, street food style.

With franchises now also in Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and further afield, it's the brainchild of restaurateur and self-proclaimed "curry evangelist" Nisha Katona.

The impressive menu spans tons of meat, veggie and vegan options and is packed with fusions of classic herbs, spices, and intense flavours. Whilst dinner is one of their busiest times, you can also pop in for brunch or even an Indian full English breakfast.

On the main menu, spice virgins can dig into dahls and goggle over fish goans. Nothing is overly packed with heat and there's plenty of tame but tantalising dishes to choose from in the 'house kitchen' section - spanning everything from lamb to prawns, to the veggie showstopper 'Bunny Chow'.

Mowgli first-timers are encouraged to savour hearty classics such as the effortlessly popular mother butter chicken. Spice lovers aren't left behind though - you can opt for fiery staples like agra ginger chicken or even gunpowder chicken too. Don't forget to add rice and finish it off with all the trimmings like the delicious and perfectly puffed puri flatbreads.

For the indecisive diners among us, I'd strongly recommend ordering the tiffin - the perfect way to try all the flavours and textures of true India. Select your style (meat or veggie) and prepare to be amazed as you're presented with four separate seasonal dishes to chow down to. It's pot luck of what you'll get each time, but totally worth chancing if you're curious and fancy a game of food roulette!

For the full Mowgi experience, I'd recommend a side of chat bombs - one of their staple and most talked about options, and for good reason. (The other being the famous Mowgli chip butty.)

Last but not least, I couldn't be forgiven for not mentioning the star of the show here – The Mowgli Sticky Wings. These gloriously gluttonous Manchurian sticky wings are slathered in spiced molasses (an incredibly rich treacle-like glaze) and sprinkled with popped mustard seed to finish. Seriously, if you're into your wings then these need to be added to your culinary buckelist ASAP. (As a foodie, these stopped me in my tracks, and my mouth is literally watering as I type this, thinking about them!)

Overall, the décor of this particular Liverpool branch is impressive, inviting and undeniably cosy with its quirky lighting and curiously placed decorative tree taking centre stage. Admittedly it's these little touches that give it a real luxe feel that surpasses the atmosphere of its smaller original Bold Street venue.

I'd recommend Mowgli for those who like comfort food with a kick. And if you're felling bold and fancy the Mowgli experience in the comfort of your own kitchen, now you can have at it with the Mowgli cookbook!

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