Mother Bar Shoreditch

Mother Bar Shoreditch


Posted 2016-10-10 by Amanda Christensenfollow

Its 2am. You're in Shoreditch, and most of the places you've been bouncing around are starting to call for last orders and kick you out. You're not quite ready to go home yet, and don't want to pay the ridiculous entry fee to Cargo. Where to go? You ask the bouncer at the bar you just left for recommendations only to be met with "At this hour? The only place still open is Mother."

It's with that vague (and slightly worrisome) direction that I found myself and some friends stumbling into Mother's arms. The first thing that you notice upon arrival is the hordes of men trying to get in without girls, and if you are a group or a couple girls, they'll try to latch on to you and get you to lie in order for them to be let in.

If you can make it through that alive, then you'll enter Mother's rustic wood-paneled bottom floor, also known as the 333. There are plenty of booths open, and a large, also wood-laden bar taking up the majority of the space. If you still have enough energy to try you hand at a few more dances, you'll be tasked to see if you're sober enough to climb the rickety staircase up to Mother herself.

Once you've tackled the small feat of ascending Mother's stairs, you'll be met with a stark contrast from downstairs. At a charming attempt to rival a Soho nightclub, Mother ditches the wood paneling of her bottom floor for a more luxe look, with embellished walls, disco balls, and a soft red hue flooding the space. There's enough room on the dance floor for a good handful of people, but most of the space is again taken up with booths and a smaller, cleaner looking bar.

As for the crowd of people there, really the majority of people are there because, like you, they aren't ready to go home but there's hardly any other places left open. This being said, you'll see a range of people from those winding their night down with friends seated in a booth, all the way to drunken stag do's trying to climb through girl's legs leapfrog-style. In short, quite a mixed bunch.

So, just like in life, when you have nowhere left to turn, sometimes you have to go to Mother.

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