Manor House Tea Rooms

Manor House Tea Rooms


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On Solihull High Street, next to the East clothing shop, almost looks out of place amongst the modern stores, with its Edwardian architecture reminiscent of Stratford-upon-Avon home.

I was instantly drawn to the tea rooms because of the rustic barn-like entrance, and adding to the quaint nature of the place, I spotted a plaque stating who built the house.

It seems the perfect tourist spot, and looks like a place to buy souvenirs. But no, Manor House is in Solihull, affording this side of Birmingham a country-side quality.

Inside your nose follows the scent of home-cooking, down a wooden hall, to a small room which is the café. The café has a high ceiling and seats around thirty people at any one time.
Behind the till is the kitchen, so you can see your order being prepared while you wait. The menu is full of traditional British food like pies, stew, simple sandwiches and regular afternoon tea-like cakes. Prices are low, and the owners are clearly interested in creating a warm environment because the staff are personable, and chatty.

I enjoyed one of the large scones, which were baked to perfection, and stuffed with home-made jam, and hand-whipped double cream. My scone coupled with a cup of green tea was the perfect way to spend an afternoon, surrounded by quiet tables of middle aged men and women, who were doing the exact same.

Try their main meals between midday and 3pm, and you'll be enjoying some of Solihull's best and value-for-money dishes.

On my way out I noticed pretty paintings on the wall, which made me think of a Monet my Grandma used to have hanging in her living room. I would happily bring my Nan along to this tea room because it is cheap, cheerful, calm and quiet, and the food is fuss-free and familiar. The toilets are within a short walking distance of the café too, and there is a disabled cubicle if you happen to be in a wheelchair/with someone who has crutches.

Manor House is a delightful hideaway in the town centre, and ideal if you want to get out of the British weather, so pull up a chair, and sit, back, relax, and enjoy a generous slice of cake.

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