Monty Pythons Live Mostly

Monty Pythons Live Mostly


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Tue 15 Jul 2014 - Sun 20 Jul 2014

Monty Pythons Live (Mostly)

They were only meant to do one show, but the Monty Python gang are so popular that their reunion sold out in less than fifty seconds. The overwhelming demand therefore prompted them to add extra dates to the calendar.

So if you missed out on tickets to Monty Pythons Live (Mostly) on the 1st of July, here is another opportunity to see them at the O2 Arena on the 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th & 20 July. Prices are between £32.50 - £106.75. If like me, you prefer to avoid travelling into the city, then why not book tickets to your local cinema ? On the 20th July, live screenings will be taking place across the country.

But that does of course mean you won't be in with a chance of appearing with the Pythons live on stage. As part of a fundraiser, they are holding an auction, with the highest bidder getting to play a 'Bruce' in one of their sketches. Watch the clip for more details.

So what is it that has made fans so eager to see the show? There are no new sketches after all, and they have all been shown on television and the theatre numerous times. In an interview with Radio Times writer, Matthew Stalden, Eric Idle answered, 'This is a musical revue with a chorus of twenty and lots of Python songs, many of which have never been done by the Pythons before. And many of the sketches have never been performed live by us.' It is true. Seeing the actual Pythons perform the sketch rather than other actors, is something any fan would dream of. Idle went on to say that Monty Python was 'never particularly topical, which meant it didn't date so quickly. Its comedy was more universal and less particularised.' People aren't bored of the show because 'you don't see re0runs of That was the Week That Was.'

Although the sketches may not be new, there is a timelessness to them. And just to be sure, the Pythons have updated a few sketches, such as Blackmail to fit in with a twenty-first century. audience.

If you suffer from withdrawal symptoms after the show is over, then don't go cold turkey. Monty Python Sings...Again is a remastered album to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its release, and the forty-fifth anniversary of their Flying Circus debut. It will include classic songs with brand new recordings by the Pythons themselves, and comes in a standard or deluxe version.

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