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One afternoon, a couple of friends and I were on the quest, right in the heart of London on Regent Street for some lovely tea (it is a very British thing to do after all). It was a lovely, but rainy afternoon and hidden away down an alleyway on Heddon street was this magnificent gem of a cafe cum restaurant (but the restaurant was booked out that evening). The cafe however, was open to all and didn't require any bookings. There was also the terrace and the basement bar available.

The interior decoration of the cafe was beautiful, with splashes of ornate gold furniture including tables, wall hanging, lights fittings glimmering throughout, which was a fascinating contrast to the green canopy of plants and hanging pots in the patio area outside, also strewn with chairs and tables for those sunny summer or spring days perhaps. It was like walking from the cosmopolitan streets into a secret cave of treasures. Perhaps that was what Parisian-Algerian restaurateur Mazouz aimed for when he thought of bringing a part of North Africa to London.

The selection of beverages was enticing to say the least, with a blend of exotic flavours, some of which I would never have considered to incorporate into tea or coffee, such as cardamom coffee? Interesting. Amongst us, we ordered orange blossom tea, rose tea, and a mint tea. Quite delectable, especially the rose tea with the aromatic fragrances and taste to match the same. Alternatively, there was a high selection of infusions, green teas, white, red and black teas. The cocktail menu was about 7-9 pounds each drink, ranging to hundreds for the fancy champagnes. Maybe another time.

As we were a tad hungry, we ordered a bite of bread and hommus dip to share, a vegetarian soup, and a breaded herbed haloumi dish which was also delicious, but you can't go wrong with haloumi generally.

Anyway, I guess we were all more than satisfied and definitely wanted to come back for another somewhat fancy afternoon tea. The only other thing I guess I would add is that the seating, whilst it looked amazing,it was a little uncomfortable sitting on metal directly, and also a little cramped but as it wasn't completely full that day, we didn't mind too much.

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