MissChu Dumpling Bar

MissChu Dumpling Bar


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This article comes from a simple place - hunger. I was walking home hurriedly as I had to get changed and go to a birthday party an evening not too long ago, and I realised I was hungry. As if seeing my plight, a young face looked down on me from a sign near Aldgate East station, and before I knew it, I was through the door of MissChu ...

[ADVERT]It turns out that the face that welcomed me in was actually the proprietor, the Miss Chu of the title, who created the shop based around the memories she had of school and growing up. Her biography is an interesting read, and helps you understand the concept behind the store a little bit more. This is the first store to arrive in London, though her 'tuck shops' have already found success in Sydney and Melbourne.

Going inside is like taking a plane and travelling around the world to Vietnam. Walking through the door you are greeted by images of passport stamps and photos. You walk all the way through to the 'Tuck Shop' (the counter to you and me), and place your order, either to be eaten inside or to take away.

The menu is decently-sized, with options varying from dumplings to Vietnamese soups to their speciality, rice paper rolls. Everything is brilliantly packaged, and the quirky decor (a bunch of corrugated cardboard bananas hanging from the tuck shop roof spring to mind), keep you smiling while you wait for your food.

Should you decide to eat in, some nice little touches are provided, with wall chargers available to top up your phone while you eat being a simple but very valuable little extra that will please an awful lot of people.

The best thing to say about MissChu is it is fun to eat there, cool and quirky in equal measure (even the wine is has MissChu on the labels). Most importantly, the food is delicious - what more can you ask for than that?

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