MinaLima: Crimes of Grindewald Exhibit

MinaLima: Crimes of Grindewald Exhibit


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Mon 19 Nov 2018 - Sun 17 Feb 2019

Reviews for the latest Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindewald, have been mixed, but it sure has been a talking point among fans. While the plot itself has been under some scrutiny, one cannot deny the mastery and magic of what we saw on screen. I'm not just referring to the visual effects, but also the amazing artwork that appears throughout the movie. This is an aspect often overlooked or forgotten about, but if it wasn't for the creators of such great work, both the Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter series would have been absent of vibrancy and detail.

Since these pieces are usually on screen but for a few seconds, they are easy to miss. They are, however, very important conduits of information, so the House of MinaLima is giving fans the chance to get a closer look, and even the opportunity to buy some limited edition prints.

Named after the designers, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the gallery is fun and quirky. Although it appears small from the outside, I think the gallery must have an extension charm on it. You go inside and just when you think you've come to the end, another floor appears. Because it an old building, the floorboards are wonky, and everything is asymmetrical; it looks just likes a shop you would find along Diagon Alley.

The entrance leads you directly into the gift shop, where you can find everything from holographic greeting cards to replicas of Hogwarts school exercise books. You can also buy the scripts to both Fantastic Beasts films as well as a the accompanying 'Making of...' book. Among the more premium purchases available, you can buy limited edition prints of artwork from the gallery. These have a starting price of £79 and go up to £399. There are also more affordable posters for £10.99.

While I liked all the artwork, my favourites came as part of a series of magazine covers featuring Newt Scamander. The fonts, colours, and layouts all looked spectacular.

As well as magazine covers, other examples of the graphic designs seen in the film include posters advertising Circus Arcanus and newspaper articles.

The exhibit will be running for several months, but the displays look particularly special at the moment because they are all decorated for Christmas, which adds just that extra touch of magic.

The current exhibit mainly covers one floor of the gallery, while the rest of the gallery is a permanent display, with some prints being alternated occasionally to keep things fresh. For example, a second floor focusses on the previous film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and another two are all about the Harry Potter series.

The House of MinaLima is open everyday from 12pm - 7pm and can be easily found on Greek Street, next to the Palace Theatre where Harry Potter and The Curse Child is being performed. The closet tube station is Leicester Square.

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