Millie's Cookies

Millie's Cookies


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During my young teenage years I discovered a new love: cookies. At 17 years old my sister had just started her new job at in the Bullring.

As you can imagine, at thirteen when your sister comes home with bags full of 'broken' cookies and muffins that were left over, it's like your birthday every night. Thus my affinity for crumbly, slightly gooey, white chocolate, double chocolate, and blueberry cookies began.

After a year of my sister changed jobs, but I still buy my cookies from the same store in the Bullring. There are hundreds of stores around the country, and one more in the city centre, but I have a special attachment to this particular shop.

The glorious scent of freshly baked cookies is irresistible, and because of my sister's experience I know they bake them fresh every day.

I've tried to work out why they're so irresistible, but it's pointless. The ratio of butter, sugar, and flour is perfect, and batch after batch they're so good. Only recently I realised it was a fruitless attempt to reason with fact: cookies remind me of a happy youth, and that's what makes me happy. Really, it's science, and arguing with science is futile.

It's not just cookies that Millie's sell however. These days the muffins are still going strong, but there are now cake pops, cookie-cupcakes, and the cookie answer to a red velvet cake.

As food trends have come and gone over the years Millie's have stayed true and made what they bake best. Double chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate remain the favourite flavours amongst customers, and they still sell their impressive 'cookie cake'. Measuring up 30cm in diameter, the cake version of the normal cookies are perfect for birthdays, and celebrations.

To order one of these bad boys you need to place an order at least two days ahead of requirement. The giant cookie cakes start at £14.99 (20cm), and raise to £19.99 (30cm).

Many years ago we ordered one for my older sister's birthday party. Not only was is delicious and decorated with the message of our choice (Happy Birthday Din-Dan!), it brought back memories of happy times, too. It's funny what a rather large cookie can do, but oh!, the power of a perfectly baked, doughy and dense biscuit-like consumable.

Regardless of the time there's always another customer at the counter of Millie's. Shutters are up by 7:00am, so if you've missed breakfast, no worries; their coffee, tea and hot chocolate is as warming as you'd expect, and of course it goes down smoother with a fresh cookie.

For a special, and unexpected treat (easier to share, and less messy than a cake), maybe pop to Millie's and buy one for your loved ones. If you're selfish, like me, then just buy one for yourself because really, they're too good to share.

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