Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum


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One of the great things we found when visiting Liverpool is the number of places that you can visit for free. Down at the old Albert Docks is an engaging museum that lets you explore the history of the local area, allowing you to take an in-depth look at the events that happened in the city or just skim the surface of the local history.

Occupying three floors and the basement in one of the old Dockyards buildings, it is jam-packed with things to see and do. They provide lots of information showing how many major world events have links to the city of Liverpool.

As you go through the museum, it gives you an insight into the old docks and the ships that came and went during its working life.

Merseyside docks were at the heart of the city for over a century and shaped Liverpool's identity. Many of the exhibits give an understanding of its influence on the world we know today.

On the ground floor, there is a gallery that has exhibits that change throughout the year. The first floor displays the history of the Lusitania a passenger ship that was sunk in World War I and had most of its crew from Liverpool.

Also on the first floor is a Battle of the Atlantic exhibition that details the role played by the merchant navy as they fought to keep Britain supplied.

The second floor has the Titanic and Liverpool exhibit that details the role played by Liverpool in the history of the ship. For those looking to do research, there is a Maritime archive and library.

Make your way to the third floor, and you'll find the International Slavery Museum that details the culture of African people who became slaves and the brutality that they suffered and how today's culture is still influenced by what happened back then.

If you need a break from all the information here, you'll find a cafe and shop on the ground floor.

A trip to the museum provides a large amount of information about Liverpool and its history so much that you could easily spend all day here, if so inclined.

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