Meezan Superstore

Meezan Superstore


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I do love supermarkets which pay homage to their title. Meezan on Wilmslow road in Rusholme, is truly a super-market. Fruit and vegetable crates line the front of the store, which makes for a more inviting visual than the otherwise plain supermarket whose invite is merely a branded sign.

Inside is truly an Aladdin's cave of groceries; aisles are lined with beans, pulses, Arabic and Asian foods, West Indian, European and British produce like Tetley tea, kerala, and Guinness punch.

An Arabic soundtrack is playing in the background, so even though it's never empty, Meezan always has a gentle hum of music to shop to.

Variety is at the core of Meezan; they provide you with a large array of brands, types, and varieties of food. The dairy aisle for example, is extensive. From traditional Polish fermented foods to Turkish, Greek, Palestinian and British yogurt, the list goes on.

Aisles at the back are filled with nuts, rice, chickpeas, lentils, pinto beans - every type of bean you might associate with Asia is there.

As earlier mentioned there's a great fresh fruit and vegetables range, which changes with the seasons. They do stock most of the same fruits and vegetables all year round, but come September there is an abundance of pumpkin, currently there are a lot of leeks, and beetroot is in surplus. Admittedly, depending on the time of day, they will run out of a certain piece of fruit - pineapple for example, but they get daily deliveries, so all is not lost. There is always great Middle-Eastern produce (like huge medjool dates), which makes it a lot easier to source otherwise hard-to-find ingredients.

Meezan is famous for great deals - for families, or for those who prefer to buy in bulk. There is always a '2 for 1' or '6 for £1' offers throughout the store. Buying in smaller amounts is also great because one item is usually so cheap you can afford to buy the one. Speaking of which, they stock a number of goods which simply aren't available elsewhere - it's great. You can find unusual and less-familiar drinks, snacks, and dips which you'd never normally come across, so if the weekly shop has become a bore, pop into Meezan and you'll be delighted at the variety.

Overall, Meezan is great for the less than flush shopper. I wouldn't say all shoppers struggle, but there are bargains to be had at Meezan, and you'd be a fool to miss out on them. The store is situated on the border of Rusholme and Fallowfield, so it 's perfect for students who are at the Fallowfield end of the student area.

Forget the familiar supermarkets and give Meezan a go - you'll be so thankful you found it.

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