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Words can not justify the gastronomic experience that is .

is a carnivores dream shack, only it is a reality. Located just off busy Oxford Street, is home to myriad guilty, flavoursome pleasures that everyone must indulge in at least once in their lives.

To begin, is home to some of the best burgers in London. Reviews on Trip Advisor and Time Out suggest that they will not be loosing that crown any time soon. The venue is an experience that I will not forgot. It was where I was advised to let my guard down, leave my expectations at the door, loosen the buckle on my belt and inhale the smell of ground meat and chilli - two of my favourite smells.

[ADVERT]What added to this experience was the fact I was so damn hungry. In preparation for the feast I was about to devour, I allowed myself only a yoghurt and a soup for the entire day. Madness.

I entered the venue, which is under a parking lot (go figure), with some friends from back home (Australia). Upon entry, the grungy decor really enhanced the massacre that was about to take place. At you cannot book a table. it is first come first serve so if you were in the line ahead of the Beckhams, you would get a table before them. There is no discrimination here.

We began lining up at 6:15 and waited five minutes, if that, and had our name taken and then moved towards the bar for a drink. Once called, we were seated next to the bar and began trawling through the menu for our meat domination.

My room mate and I decided to share a green chilli cheeseburger, while friends salivated over the bacon burger option. Standard in a meat venue like this are the spicy Bingo Wings accompanied by a blue cheese sauce and some Phili cheese fries (these come out with mince so be prepared).

A surreal atmosphere encapsulates you in , where manners go out the window and you are surrounded by a bevy of after-work clientele digging into wings and wiping their mouths with their ties in a pure animalistic fashion. I couldn't wait as I knew this would be me, just without the tie and my poor Zara shirt getting a slather.

Our food came out about 15 minutes after we ordered, and what a site it was. I felt it was a New York diner on a plate. We got stuck into the Bingo Wings and blue cheese sauce, which were the perfect amount of tangy and spice that you expect in hot wings. These were enjoyed by the entire table, as were the Phili fries.

Not far behind was the king of the table, the burgers. They were devoured instantly and cooked medium rare only to melt on your tongue. Thoroughly tasty. The bacon burger was equally enjoyed and had a crispy bacon rasher that was to die for.

Just when we thought we could not fit any more in, we opted for dessert and without a doubt it had to be the peanut butter cup sundae. This heavenly sweet concoction was comprised of peanut butter ice cream, roasted peanuts, chocolate hard shell and an enormous Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Heaven.

Once this dessert came out we were all so quiet, some of us in shock and some of us just salivating into our laps. As a huge fan of anything peanut related, this was by far the best sundae I have had in London thus far. The ice cream was delicious with hidden nuts scattered throughout and hard pieces of chocolate (similar to Ice Magic, a sauce we have back in Australia that goes hard once it touches ice cream - true genius).

I highly recommend taking the plunge, throwing calorie counting out the door for one night only and letting all your taste buds be stimulated by the incredible flavours that entice.

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