Mcr Coffee Company

Mcr Coffee Company


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This really is a diamond, not in the rough, but an unexpected sparkler of a cafe in the Northern Quarter that serves much more than tea and coffee.

Inside it is simple but cosy: single black leather seats and round wooden tables make for a cute hideaway in the city. It is perfect for the single diner on their lunch break, or a few friends gathered closely.

In terms of food, it's like a deli serving breakfast and lunch - omelettes, sandwiches, wraps, baguettes but they also serve the most delicious sweet treats; try the blueberry cheesecake muffins that have a silky white chocolate cream centre - they are divine!

The sheer array of hot and cold, healthy and not so waistline conscious drinks is unbelievable. 'Winter Warmers' and iced beverages are on offer, and the staff are cool, so feel free to take your time over the menu.

Come alone or in a group, peruse the paper or chat with a few friends. It's very much a student hang out kind of place, reflected in the music. It is modern and fits the clientele, think indie and a mixture of age groups, but only cool cats walk through the door.

What's so appealing about the is that they serve high quality food and drink, at prices you don't expect. It's cheap, yet the drinks are inventive and luxurious. When I say 'inventive' I mean hot beverages that actually contain the advertised ingredients, as opposed to mere decorative chocolate chips that you can count on one hand. Think exciting, and delicious beverages, sandwiches served your way and today's tabloid on your table and you're there.

The staff are friendly, chatty and young. Yep, they looks like kids but there's no hassle; they focus on the customer and surprisingly weren't just standing there chatting to one another.

are like a big family, who have wholesome values. Owner Jason bought the coffee shop from Coffee Republic and turned it into a wholly independent cafe that won't rip you off. Staff let you sniff the tea blends before you buy, will cheekily sneak the sliverest of slivers of cake, and suggest the current favourites of the drinks lists.

It has a no-fuss appeal, nothing too fancy, terribly modest feel to it, but in reality it is actually quite fantastic. The simply named 'chocolate cake' is pretty 'wow': layer upon layer of chocolate sponge coated with chocolate creamy butter cream icing stirs your tastebuds. And there's the Oreo cookie hot chocolate that is topped with whipped cream and a broken oreo. It is a happy chocolate marriage in a cup! Very sweet and deliciously chocolately, not like that powdery instant stuff. The hot chocoalates are generally winners with flavours such as the festive favourite 'egg nog' and mint chocolate - yum"

The service is great and they're open later than most coffee shops, which, on a Sunday, is a blessing when you just want to recover from the weekend with a (non-alcoholic) drink and your mates.

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