Mayon Cliff - Cornwall

Mayon Cliff - Cornwall


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A walk along the Mayon Cliff won't just help to keep you fit. There's plenty to see all along the trail with relics of the past and nature all around.

You'll find the remains of Maen Castle. There's not much left of it apart from a few stones and the view. The National Trust has restored the entrance and other parts of it to enable better public access to the site. Archaeological digs in the 1930s and 1940s discovered that it was built in the Bronze age and still in use several hundred years later during the Iron age.

Nobody is sure what its primary purpose was or when it stopped being used but theories on its use range from a place of defence in times of danger to being used for ceremonies.

Another thing to look out for is the shipwrecks. At the time we visited the remains of a German cargo ship lay at the bottom of one of the cliffs having come aground in early 2000, and there are many others out there hidden by the sea.

From the Coastguard lookout, you get an impressive view of the surrounding area. On the clear day we visited you could see from Land's end to Cape Cornwall. The inside of the lookout was closed that day, but the National Trust website says that it is open most days during summer, but like many of their sites they can only open them if they have enough volunteers to help.

The windswept heathland is also home to an abundance of wildlife with many different species of birds and a few adders. Looking out to sea, you may be able to spot Basking sharks, dolphins, whales and seals.
The land along the walking path is owned by the National Trust, but you don't have to be a member use the track, with some of it being part of the South West Coast Path that stretches roughly 630 miles around the coast of Somerset and all the way round to Dorset passing through Devon and Cornwall.

For people who want to get close to Lands end but don't want to pay the exorbitant parking fees, you can park in the nearby town of Sennen Cove and walk along the Mayon Cliff path with the bonus of a different view of Land's End.

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